NCT DREAM Reveals Their Favorite Tracks From Their Album “Hot Sauce”

How can you pick just one?

NCT DREAM recently appeared on Access‘s YouTube channel and discussed their feelings after releasing their first full studio album Hot Sauce!

One of the questions the group was asked was which of the tracks was their favorite!

1. Chenle was the first and picked “Rainbow.”

When you combine a great melody and touching lyrics, it is always a recipe for success.

The melody is really nice, and the lyrics are also really beautiful.

— Chenle

2. Haechan picked “Irreplaceable.”

Sometimes, being great is all a song needs to be a stand-out and become a fan favorite.

3. Jeno’s favorite track was “My Youth.”

With the days getting longer, it seems like the perfect song to listen to with friends while watching the sunset in the evening.

I particularly like it because it’s a song that really matches the sunset. I really love the vibe of it.

— Jeno

4. “Dive Into You” was Jisung’s favorite!

It seems like many of the tracks had the idea to create anthems for fans that they could use in every situation.

Every time I listen to the song, I always think of the color blue and the ocean. There’s also choreography for this song, and the dance expresses you ‘falling into’ something. The choreography and the atmosphere of the dance go really well together.

— Jisung

5. Like Chenle, Renjun also had a soft spot for “Rainbow.”

NCT DREAM continues to grow as artists, and their influence on this track shows just how far they have come.

The melody is really nice. Particularly, there was a lot of our own input into the lyrics, and I really enjoyed the direction of the song.

— Renjun

6. Jaemin couldn’t forget the spiciness of their title track, “Hot Sauce.”

Nobody can deny that not only is “Hot Sauce” a catchy song but also has one of the spiciest videos in K-Pop!

7. Mark was the last member, and he picked “ANL.”

“ANL” is another summer anthem and has the playful energy that NCT DREAM radiate!

It’s very free, and it suits our mood a lot.

— Mark

With so many amazing tracks on the album, how could the members manage to pick one? Which is your favorite track on the groups’ new album?

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: Access