These 35+ HD Photos From NCT DREAM’s Recent “Glitch Mode” Stage Show Just How Much They’ve Grown Up

They’ve matured so much since they debuted!

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when NCT DREAM debuted in 2016, but it was nearly 6 years ago now, and the members have grown up so much in that time! Their recent stages for their latest comeback, “Glitch Mode”, have shown both the members’ mature sides as well as their still youthful and playful sides, showing that NCT DREAM is still the perfect blend of both. Here are 35+ HD photos taken from a recent “Glitch Mode” performance that really show off their charms!

1. Mark

2. Renjun

3. Jeno

4. Haechan

5. Jaemin

6. Chenle

7. Jisung

8. More!