5 Times NCT DREAM’s Jisung Shut Down Inappropriate Comments

Jisung was ready to send the commenters to jail.

Even though NCT DREAM‘s Jisung is the youngest member of the group, he proved he can hold his own against comments that aren’t so welcome. Whether it’s for himself or his members, he’s always ready to protect everyone and set boundaries. Here are five times Jisung did so when encountering inappropriate comments.

Jisung | Inkigayo

1. The six-pack stays in the fridge.

Among many fans’ comments, one caught Chenle‘s attention. He laughed as he read it out loud, “Show your six-pack abs.” While Chenle jokingly asked if he should show them, Jisung already had his response prepared.

Although Chenle still spoke about their abs, Jisung shut it down by holding his hands as if they’d been handcuffed.

He did it once again, signaling that whoever made the comment was out of line—especially since he was a minor. Jisung said, “Among fans, I guess some understood that.

2. The zipper is meant to be zipped.

When Jisung and Jaemin sat back and relaxed during a live broadcast, Jaemin poked fun at Jisung’s choice not to wear layers under his jacket. Unfortunately, some commenters used that moment between friends as an opening to say inappropriate things.

After reading the comments, Jaemin summed up what was being said, “They all say that you should pull down the zipper.

Naturally, Jisung couldn’t let it slide and pulled out his signature move to show the line had been crossed.

Jisung and Jaemin even pretended to be the mascot for the Korean police, holding up flashlights as if they were catching a criminal.

3. If you hear the sirens…

Not being able to get away from it, Jeno read a question they’ve seen countless times, “When are you going to show us your abs, Jisung?” Still, Jisung was caught off guard and asked, “What?

Jisung quickly recovered and responded, “You want to see my abs? There’s something famous.

While Jeno made the sound of a police siren, Jisung did his signature move of pretending to be handcuffed and dragged away by the police.

4. He could read between the lines.

During a live broadcast with Jaemin, Jeno, and Haechan, Jisung ended up using his signature move for a comment that wasn’t as straightforward.

Jaemin interrupted their conversation to make an announcement. Once again summing up fans’ comments, he revealed, “Haechan’s shorts are gaining a lot of attention.” Jisung knew why and said, “Right, the fans love shorts.

Realizing what the comments really meant, Jisung understood that the shorts weren’t what fans enjoyed. With a smile, Jisung held up the handcuffs to protect Haechan from getting too much of the wrong attention.

5. Questions that don’t need any answers.

When Chenle took a look at all the fans’ comments during a live broadcast, there were two that he kept seeing a lot of. Chenle repeated them, “‘Jisung, marry me.’ ‘Jisung, date me.’” Hearing the comments caused Jisung to stare at the camera with concern.

Jisung slowly moved back so that he could be fully seen and held up the handcuffs, shutting down questions that no one underage should receive—famous or not.