Here’s What Each NCT Dream Member Looks Like As An Old Man

Fame has really changed Jisung.

NCT Dream recently shared a behind the scenes clip of filming for The Dream Tour. In it, they all transformed into older versions of themselves, giving fans a sneak peek into what they’d look like as old men. Check out their hilarious transformations.


1. Jaemin

From his youthful pink hair and glowing, smooth skin, Jaemin traded it all for long gray hair and weathered skin. Even though he looks noticeably different, his personality would remain the same as an old man.

After spraying money all over the floor, he picked it up, blowing on the pieces to clean it off and prepare to use them. If that isn’t something Jaemin would do, what is?

2. Haechan

Haechan is everyone’s sunshine with his bright smile. As an old man, his bright smile is still there. Dark gray hair paired with a matching mustache doesn’t keep him from looking youthful. In fact, he looks like the cool grandpa he thinks he’d be, especially one with good fashion sense.

Even when doing something mature like pouring tea, he’d still be just as childish as ever, spilling it all over everything.

3. Chenle

Chenle is a part of the maknae line and one of the last people anyone would want to see grow old. With a full-on beard and mustache, he looks the part of an artsy old man. The glasses make the image even more real. If more grandpas looked this cool, they’d be everyone’s favorite grandparent.

Despite his sophisticated look, Chenle’s playful personality would come out when he turned into a loving dad, playing with his (fake) baby.

4. Jeno

Similar to Jaemin, Jeno looks just about the same as an old man compared to his actual look. His mature feel is only enhanced by the chic glasses, tasteful hat, and stylish outfit. Even so, Jeno’s hobby of working out would still stay with him as he grows older.

At “forty-nine years old,” Jeno would still be focused on keeping in shape and flexing the muscles he worked hard at maintaining.

5. Jisung

As the maknae, Jisung‘s transformation straight from a baby into an old man just may be the most hilarious of them all. From the side-swept hair to the wild mustache, it’s such a dramatic difference. Even he was taken aback by the look.

Since he was embarrassed of his look, Jisung did his best to look like the ultimate researcher, hard at work on his studies.

6. Renjun

Renjun has charmed fans with his visuals. As an old man, he would do the same. With skin that’s still youthful, artfully tousled hair, and a charming smile, he’d steal the hearts of young and older women alike. Renjun looks like an older professor who all the students would have a crush on.

Fifty years later, he’d still be winking at the ladies while busting out his dance moves.

NCT Dream transformed into old men wasn’t something anyone had been expecting. With their humor and personalities, it turned out to be more hilarious than anyone would’ve thought. Take a look at these grandpas here.