NCT Dream Pick These Songs To Create The Perfect Chuseok Playlist

Whether you’re relaxing or need a pick-me-up, there’s something for you.

Each member of NCT Dream selected a song they thought would be perfect to listen to during Chuseok and together it’s the perfect playlist to get you into the holiday mood.


1. Jaemin — Crush’s “Nappa”

I recommend this song because the lyrics might comfort you if you’re alone this Chuseok. It will make you feel better.

Everyone may not be celebrating the holiday with others, so Jaemin kept that in mind when choosing this song to make sure everyone would be able to feel joy.

2. Renjun — Ariana Grande’s “Moonlight”

Chuseok is all about the full moon! So I hope you have a good time listening to “Moonlight”, under the moonlight.

Since the holiday is dedicated to the moon, Renjun chose this soothing song as the perfect one. Even when you’re not looking at the moon, you’ll feel like you are while listening to this.

3. Jeno — SHINee’s “Colorful”

Just listening to this song will pick up your mood. It has that bright energy. The world is a colorful place! I love this song too.

Jeno‘s pick is more upbeat than the others, with the intention to raise your spirits for the holiday. And, you can never go wrong with SHINee.

4. Jisung — MIIA’s “Dynasty”

When I’m feeling a little down and exhausted, I listen to this song because it motivates me to get back on my feet and get things done.

Jisung picked this song because it’s one of his favorites that can be listened to on any occasion, especially since it has a “YOLO, so yolo passionately kind of a vibe.” It’ll get you ready to take on the world.

5. Chenle — NCT Dream’s “Beautiful Time”

This song has the most beautiful lyrics of all NCT Dream songs. I hope you guys will try listening to it.

Chenle is one of the kings of promoting NCT, so of course he chose one of their own songs. But, it fits perfectly with the uplifting vibe you’d want for the holiday.

6. Haechan — Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment”

I recommend this song because it’s good to listen to while relaxing. Hope you have a restful holiday season!

After hearing all the other songs, Haechan‘s choice will sound just as relaxing as he claims and it balances out the playlist well.

Source: TV Daily