NCT Fans Unveil Their IRL Jobs In Viral Thread—These Are 10 Unexpectedly Hilarious Answers

K-Pop fans are the funniest!

An NCT 127 fan asked each other what their jobs are in real life, and they delivered memorable responses!

NCT | SM Entertainment

Though there were several who answered the poll seriously, many more chose to go down the funny route.

Check them out below!

1. Firstly, being the head of SM Entertainment

2. Getting paid to exist

3. Promoting NCT to the younger generations

4. Becoming the makeup artist SM singers need

5. Working hard as a (potential) full time girlfriend

6. Keeping NCT among fans only

7. Getting whatever they want, proudly

8. Being pretty since it doesn’t come easy

9. Working day and night for Jungwoo

10. And raising future NCTzens

When it comes to having the most unique jobs, NCT fans are first in line!

Source: Twitter (X)