NCT’s Jaehyun Is Finally Making His Acting Debut, And Here Are The 10 Most Relatable NCTzen Reactions

“He worked so hard for this!”

The K-Drama Dear. M, starring NCT‘s JaehyunPark Hye SuRoh Jeong and Eui, Woo Da Vi, is back on track and due to be aired in Japan after a lengthy postponement. After Dear. M was delayed by KBS, and after Jaehyun’s movie Bungee Jumping Of Their Own was cancelled before production even began, it seemed like fans would not get to see Jaehyun’s acting for a while yet. Now that Dear. M will be airing in Japan this year, NCTzens will finally get to see the official debut of ‘Actor Jaehyun’!

Here are 10 relatable NCTzen reactions to the news of Jaehyun finally making his long-awaited acting debut.


1. It’s happening!

2. NCTzens will wait, no question about it

3. We’ll finally meet the elusive Cha Minho

4. Jaehyun and Valentines deserved this

5. Tears were shed

6. Actor Jaehyun was worth waiting for

7. Now we need an OST to go with it

8. This is gonna be a great opportunity for him!

9. We’ll all be in danger

10. He really worked so hard for this!