These Are The Line Distributions For All 10 Songs On NCT’s “Resonance Pt. 1” Album

Just how do they distribute the lines of all 23 members??

NCT released the first part of their Resonance series, Resonance Pt. 1, back on October 12, 2020. This album was a huge success, and included all 23 members of NCT with many different subunit songs! If you’re curious to know how the lines of all 23 members were distributed, look no further — the graphs below show how each of the 10 songs on the album had their lines distributed between members.

Note: Not included are “Interlude: Past to Present”, the Korean version of “From Home”, or the English version of “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)”.

1. “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)”

2. “Misfit”

3. “Volcano”

4. “Light Bulb”

5. “Dancing in the Rain”

6. “Déjà Vu”

7. “Nectar”

8. “Music, Dance”

9. “Faded in My Last Song”

10. “From Home”


Most lines: Taeyong (9.7%)

2nd: Doyoung (9.5%)

3rd: Mark (7.2%)

4th: Jaehyun (7%)

5th: Haechan (6.6%)

6th: Taeil (6.5%)

7th: Renjun (5.3%)

8th: Kun (5.2%)

9th: Xiaojun (5.1%)

10th: Chenle (4.4%)

11th: Johnny (4.3%)

12th: Ten (4.2%)

13th: Lucas (3.8%)

14th: Yuta (3.7%)

15th: Jeno & Sungchan (2.7%)

16th: YangYang (2.3%)

17th: Hendery (2.1%)

18th: Jungwoo (2%)

19th: Jaemin (1.8%)

20th: WinWin (1.6%)

21st: Jisung (1.3%)

22nd: Shotaro (1%)