4 Things About NCT’s Mark Lee That Make Fans Love Him Even More

Everybody loves Mark Lee!

You can definitely “mark” him in your heart!

Mark Lee

Many non-fans consider NCT‘s Mark (also known as Mark Lee) as someone who is always likable. His honesty and earnest attitude have endeared him to many people and made Mark one of the most relatable idols out there. His talent and skills are just some of the things that make fans love him!

Here are 4 things that make fans love him!

1. He is often unintentionally hilarious.

Some of the most hilarious Mark Lee moments have come accidentally. A favorite moment of many fans happened during NCT127‘s Jaehyun‘s “24 Hour Relay” video. Mark and Jaehyun were playing basketball when Mark attempts to make a shot saying “Czennie [NCT fans, also known as NCTzens] this is for you.” The shot misses the basket entirely in what is the funniest moment in the video.  The most hilarious part is that this has happened more than once!

2. He knows he is “that b*tch“!

Fans love Mark’s onstage skills and are not afraid to let him know. During a SuperM fansign in Los Angeles, a fan proceeds to tell Mark that “he is that b*tch and will always be that b*tch.” Mark hilariously responds “Glad to know that I am that b*tch.

3. Spider-Mark fan service

Fans have often compared Mark to Spider-Man because of their similar personalities. Mark took this to heart and gave the fans exactly what they wanted at the SMTOWN Halloween Party in 2021. In NCT’s “A Cup of Coffee Part 3”, Mark even “reveals” to NCT127’s Johnny that he is Spider-Man!

4. His Instagram game is strong.

Since opening his Instagram with the clever username “@onyourm_ark”, Mark’s Instagram has been a treat for fans! From selfies and live streams v to sharing his poetry, Mark truly has his Instagram game on lock! It’s nice to get a peek into his daily life through Instagram!

There are many things to love about Mark Lee!