10+ Times NCT Members Were Caught Flirting On Camera

No low-key flirting here!

1. Taeyong and Doyoung’s sexy music time

You know you’re high-key flirting when even KBS‘s World Idol Show K-rush ships you! A few smooth moves from Doyoung and a dash of romantic music to set the mood, and you’ve got yourself one special moment!


2. Confession time

Yuta reading comments: “I love you Jungwoo.”

Jungwoo totally oblivious and releases his inner feelings: “I love you too, hyung!

Also Jungwoo: *throws in a kiss for good measure!*


3. Best birthday ever!

Tell us what you really want for your birthday, Jungwoo! And, Doyoung, you better deliver that kiss to the little fluffball. It is his birthday after all!


4. Those comments though

Who’s handsome? Jaemin! Wait, did I really just say that out loud? Quickly, must think of something! Oh, I know! I can say it was one of the comments!”  – Jeno’s inner thoughts 


5. Haechan’s kisses

Hmm…Mark, are you trying to get Haechan to admit he loves you? Because it totally worked!


6. Haechan strikes again

Haechan just can’t seem to keep his lips to himself!


7. Jungwoo wants Taeyong

Ah, birthdays, the time when you can ask for pretty much anything and get it! Now the only question is if Jungwoo actually received what he wished for! And, fyi, we totally see that blush, Taeyong!


8. Taeyong’s triple love combo

A wild Taeyong appears to smother his members with love! His sudden attack leads to Jaehyun and…well that’s intense!


9. What did you order?

Ten has some of the smoothest moves around. We see what you did there, Ten! No low-key flirting here!


10. A kiss for WinWin

NCTzens probably know that Yuta loves WinWin but just look at how cute the two of them are together!


11. Taeyong and Ten’s couple moment

On an episode of SMRookies GameTime, the boys played a game with the losers punished to act as a couple for the rest of the day. Although Ten and Taeyong were put off at first, it looks like they really got into their roles! Just look at that cute and totally believable couple!


12. Thigh slap

A little thigh slapping here and a little thigh slapping there. Any attempts at escape are futile and will result in a few more slaps and a rub for good measure!


13. Flirty theatre

Wasn’t Jungwoo trying to teach the other members how to be popular? How did it turn into this extremely flirty performance? Add in the extra wink and everyone is dead!