Showing Appreciation For The Numerous Tattoos And Piercings Of All 23 NCT Members

Five of the members have tattoos, at least that we know about!

While not many of NCT‘s members have tattoos (that we know about, at least!), most of them do have at least one piercing, and many have more! Between all 23 members of the group, the number of body modifications they have is quite extensive. Here’s a look at all of the tattoos and body piercings of NCT’s members that we know about that are real!

1. Taeil

Taeil has three piercings that we know of! He seems to have two in his left earlobe, and one in his right.

2. Johnny

Johnny is the oldest member of NCT that has tattoos! He has a small sunflower tattoo on his forearm, as well as an olive branch on his collarbone and a jaguar on his shoulder.


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He also appears to have two lobe piercings on his left ear, and one on his right.

3. Taeyong

Like Johnny, Taeyong also has tattoos! In fact, he has at least seven of them as of the latest count, including one for his late dog, Ruby, an Astro Boy tattoo, and circular checkerboard with “RUDE BOY” on his shoulder, and a modified compass tattoo on the back of his arm.

He also has at least five ear piercings: One on his right lobe, and four on his left ear which include a helix piercing, two antitragus piercings, and one standard lobe piercing.

4. Yuta

Yuta is another member of NCT that has tattoos. He has two that we know of, which include a large butterfly on his side and what appear to be birds of some kind on his opposite hip.

He also has some of the most unique piercings in NCT, as well as the second-most overall! He has nine in total, including one on his bellybutton.

Along with this, he has three on his right ear, and five on his left.

5. Kun

It looks like last year, Kun finally got his first piercing, which is in his left earlobe!

6. Doyoung

Doyoung is the oldest member of NCT without any real piercings or tattoos! That hasn’t kept his stylists from giving him fake ones, though.

7. Ten

Ten is another of the few members of the group that has tattoos! He has at least four — two smaller ones and two larger ones — and they include a butterfly and a flower on his upper arm and shoulder, and a more abstract one on his chest as well as his forearm.

He also has the most piercings out of all of NCT’s members, with at least 11 on his ears alone. He doesn’t usually wear 11 at once, though, and more commonly sports 7-8 at a time.

8. Jaehyun

Jaehyun seems to have two piercings, one in each earlobe!

9. WinWin

WinWin is another member of NCT with no piercings or tattoos! Despite this, he’s been given some pretty unique clip-ons.

10. Jungwoo

Jungwoo seems to have just one piercing on his left earlobe, as far as we can tell!

11. Lucas

Lucas is the final member of NCT that has tattoos! He appears to have two of them: A lion on his side, and a so far unknown tattoo on his shoulder blade.

As far as piercings go, he has at least two real ones, which are in each of his earlobes. It seems like he more recently got a helix piercing too!

12. Mark

This might surprise some people, but Mark doesn’t have any piercings! He has worn fake ones, but recently confirmed that he doesn’t have any real ones at this time.

13. Xiaojun

Xiaojun seems to have at least a lobe piercing on each ear, and possibly a helix piercing, though it’s probably fake. He also had a (probably fake) nose ring at one point too!

14. Hendery

Hendery seems to have just one lobe piercing on his left ear!

15. Renjun

Renjun is another member of NCT that doesn’t have any piercings! He has worn fakes, though, including some on his cheek.

16. Jeno

Like Renjun, Jeno also doesn’t have any body modifications. But also like other members without real piercings, his stylists still have fun with his accessories.

17. Haechan

Haechan, like the rest of his fellow NCT DREAM members, is so far tattoo and piercing-free! He doesn’t seem to have been given a whole lot of fakes, either, though he did have a fake eyebrow piercing at one time.

18. Jaemin

Jaemin is another member of NCT without body modifications. He has worn some cute dangly clip-on earrings though!

19. YangYang

YangYang has three piercings that we know about, which include two on his right earlobe and one on his left!

20. Shotaro

Shotaro has several ear piercings! He seems to have at least two on his right ear (a lobe piercing and a helix piercing), and possibly four on his left!

21. Sungchan

Sungchan doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings that we know about!

22. Chenle

Chenle is another member of the group with no piercings or tattoos! He’s pretty much also never seen with fakes.

23. Jisung

And finally, Jisung wraps up the NCT DREAM line with no body modifications.


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