NCT Recreated Their Baby Pictures In Honor Of Children’s Day, And They’re Too Adorable

The cuteness level just keeps increasing!

Children’s Day in South Korea is a national holiday celebrated on May 5th and is a time for parents and their children to spend time together.

While many families across the country are celebrating the special day, NCT decided to celebrate it in their own unique way by recreating some of their old baby pictures!


1. Chenle

Baby Chenle was ready to be your Superman! While NCT Chenle may not have any supernatural powers, he’s still changing the world with his amazing vocal powers!


2. Doyoung

For some reason, Doyoung surrounded by flowers with a bored look on his face is both handsome and charming! And the aesthetic is just as powerful in his grown-up version.


3. Haechan

Just look at baby Haechan having fun during his bath time! He still has that same adorable smile!


4. Jaehyun

It looks like Jaehyun has always had an art bug. Whether that bug is painting or performing on stage, Jaehyun has some amazing talent!


5. Jaemin

Aw! Jaemin’s sweet smile hasn’t changed one bit over the years!


6. Jeno

Baby Jeno with a messenger bag and a plush puppy? Yes, please! Grown-up Jeno with a plushie? Beyond sweet and adorable!


7. Jisung

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how adorable baby Jisung is in his puffy winter attire! NCT’s Jisung may not be able to fit into that snow outfit, but he’s still as cute as ever in his black hoodie.


8. Johnny

How Johnny managed to find a hat that is almost an exact replica of the one from his past we’ll never know, but that little bit of extra detail makes the picture even sweeter.


9. Jungwoo

Jungwoo strikes with double the cuteness!


10. Kun

While the background and clothes may have changed, Kun is still the king of that pose!


11. Lucas

Lucas proves he hasn’t changed all that much since his younger days. He’s still incredibly cute and a master of visuals.


12. Mark

Mark looks like the perfect student in both versions of his photo! Studious and cute? What a combo!


13. Renjun

Renjun went all out to recreate his baby photo. Somehow you can still see that baby like wonder!


14. Taeil

As grown-up Taeil aced his pose, all he needs to perfectly recreate his younger photo is a fun train conductor outfit!


15. Taeyong

Taeyong may have outgrown his scooter but he can still portray his younger versions cute and sassy pose!


16. Ten

While Ten may have nailed his recreation, the biggest difference in the two photos is how much he’s changed. As a baby Ten was almost too cute to handle, and now he’s incredibly handsome!


17. Winwin

Baby Winwin looks super sweet with a cute little smile and his chin resting on his folded hands. Meanwhile, his grown-up counterpart looks just as angelic!


18. Yuta

Yuta may have changed his hair color and style but he’s still got that swag style!

Source: @NCTsmtown