NCT’s Shotaro Unveils His Adorable Charms During His First Fan Video Call Event

His reactions are priceless!

NCT’s Shotaro is one of the new members who have joined NCT for the NCT 2020 project and fans just can’t get enough of his cuteness!

Recently, NCT held a fan video call event, making it Shotaro’s first fan event since becoming a K-Pop idol.

Lucky fans who were able to hold a video call with Shotaro shared their experience through social media. Let’s take a look at how Shotaro’s first fan video call event went down!

Although he started off a bit awkward, he slowly warmed up to the video calls and began showing off his adorable charms!

A fan revealed that they wrote a letter for him and Shotaro asked if he could take a picture of the letter with his phone!

He made a heart with his arms but ended up doing it too close to the camera!

A fan asked him to wink if he could hear them well and…well there are no words! Just look at him!

On the second day of the video call event, Shotaro even remembered fans’ who he made a call with on the first day!

Did you by chance do the phone call before too?

A fan even prepared a cake in advance for his birthday and asked him to blow out the candles.

We will leave you with Shotaro blowing a kiss to everyone!

Source: theqoo