These 10 Moments Highlight NCT Taeyong’s Incredible Leadership And Love For His Members

Taeyong is the strongest and gentlest leader NCT could ask for.

Taking care of 22 other members and yourself is a difficult job for anyone, but NCT’s Taeyong takes on the challenge with a warm and open heart. Though the lines between leader and parent are blurred, the endless care and love Taeyong pours into his members is a testament to his kind nature. These ten moments highlight only some of the reasons why Taeyong is the sweetest leader and will have you smiling at how beautiful his soul is.

1. Taeyong With NCT Dream

For the youngest of the NCT family, Taeyong guarantees that they’ll always be well taken care of.


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2. Taeyong And Winwin

Acting cute so Winwin can get ice cream is a double kill moment.

3. Mentoring Sungchan

Not only does he take his time to monitor and teach Sungchan, but he also makes sure to compliment him and encourage him.


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4. His Wise Words

Taeyong is NCT’s pillar of strength and only wants the best for them.

5. Cooking For His Members

Being well-fed is at the top of Taeyong’s priorities for his members, and while he’s feeling the weight of being a mom, there’s nothing he would change.


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6. Counting His Children

With 22 kids to take care of, it’s impossible to know if everyone’s there just with a glance. Taeyong makes sure no one gets left behind.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Taeyong’s love for sweet potatoes is famous, but his love for his members is even greater. The smile on Hendery’s face is worth giving up any potato.


taeyong the best leader! and even a small act like that could make dery happy 🙁 #hendery #wayv #nct #fyp

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8. Protective Taeyong

Amid the chaos that comes hand in hand with putting a bunch of young men together, Taeyong ensures Shotaro‘s safety with the biggest hug.

9. His Award Speeches

He never forgets to mention any of his members, and his love for them shines bright.


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10. Analog Trip NCT 127

Despite a tiring schedule, Taeyong pours his whole heart into his music, especially when it’s about his members.