NCT Taeyong’s “Street Woman Fighter” Energy Booster Playlist: 13 Songs To Get You Hyped Up

He included artists from all around the world, including his own groups.

As one of the judges for the competition dance show Street Woman Fighter, NCT‘s Taeyong just released a playlist full of songs that are sure to get your body moving and your energy rising!

Taeyong from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

The playlist, appropriately titled “NCT Taeyong’s ‘Energy Booster Rhythmical Dance Playlist,'” is all about getting you amped up.

Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter judge Taeyong shares his favorite song recommendations in this energy boosting dance playlist! Check out the bops that will make your body move and don’t miss the hottest performances by the dancers in the first episode of Street Woman Fighter!

— Genie

The title and description for Taeyong’s playlist. | Genie

Here are the 13 songs he picked, for you to add to your own playlist!

1. R3HAB & Rakhim & Smokepurpp – “Fendi”

Moroccan Dutch DJ R3HAB dropped a remix of Russian artist Rakhim’s “Fendi” featuring American rapper Smokepurpp earlier this year! R3HAB has worked with many notable artists including K-Pop singer Chungha on her 2020 song “Dream of You.”

2. Cuco – “Keeping Tabs” ft. Suscat0

Cuco is an American singer-songwriter whose dream-pop track “Keeping Tabs” was released in 2019. It’s the perfect song to put on and get lost in.

3. Why Don’t We – “Come To Brazil”

American boy band Why Don’t We released their single “Come to Brazil” in June 2019 as part of a project where they dropped a new song every month. Its Latin-inspired sounds will have you jamming out!

4. Jungle – “Casio”

Jungle is a duo of British producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. This laidback, disco-inspired track is the perfect song to just chill out to.

5. Normani – “Wild Side” ft. Cardi B

Normani collaborated with Cardi B on her 2021 R&B track “Wild Side.” It’s a sensual slow jam that’ll have you feeling unapologetically confident.

6. NCT 127 – “Kick It”

Of course, Taeyong had to plug some of his own work! NCT 127 released “Kick It” in their 2020 album Neo Zone and it’s all about empowerment and confidence.

7. NCT 127 – “Cherry Bomb”

“Cherry Bomb” was released in 2017 and just like the lyrics say, it’ll have you feeling like “the biggest hit on the stage.

8. NCT 127 – “Touch”

“Touch” is one of NCT 127’s lighter title tracks, but it’s still got a beat that’ll make you want to dance! Once you hear it, it’s impossible to not sing along to its addicting hook.

9. NCT U – “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”

NCT U’s “Make A Wish” is a dance-pop track with a hip-hop beat that’ll have you feeling hot AF and totally unstoppable.

10. NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

NCT U debuted in 2016 with “The 7th Sense,” but even though they were just rookies, their confidence and charisma was through the roof.

11. NCT U – “BOSS”

NCT U’s “BOSS” is a total fan favorite and for good reason! It’s sure to have you feeling as powerful as the members themselves.

12. SuperM – “Jopping”

SuperM’s “Jopping” was the super group’s debut single. It perfectly demonstrates the talents and intense auras of all 7 SuperM members. And it’ll have you dancing along as soon as it comes on: “’cause when we jumping, it’s popping, we jopping!”

13. SuperM – “Tiger Inside”

SuperM’s “Tiger Inside” is all about letting out your inner confidence and fighting back against haters. It’s aggressive, intense, and something we all need to hear once in a while to remember our strength!

Source: Genie, Instagram and Twitter