5 Times NCT’s Ten Stunned His Members With His Flexibility

Is his body made of rubber?

It’s a well known fact that NCT‘s Ten is incredibly flexible, but in case you needed a visual reminder, here are 5 times that Ten has proved just how flexible he is:

1. During the SuperM “100” behind the scenes

Ten showed off his flexibility to his fellow SuperM members during the “100” MV shooting, looping the others in to try and replicate the positions he held.

| SuperM/YouTube

2. When practicing choreography for “lovely” with WinWin

Ten and WinWin choregraphed a dance to “lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid that showed off both of their flexibility.

| WayV/YouTube

3. His Hit The Stage performance

Ten rose from the dead as the devil in this back-bending moment during his Hit The Stage performance.

| Ten/10/Amino 

4. Working out with WayV

Not sure if having Ten lead the stretches was a good idea or not seeing how the other members can get nowhere close to his level. Except for maybe WinWin.

| WayV/YouTube

5. In his competition with WinWin

It’s indisputable that WinWin and Ten are one of the most flexible members in NCT. But they finally put their bodies to the test to see who was the most flexible between the two of them.

WinWin | WayV/YouTube

After putting up a good fight (stretch), Ten was ultimately deemed the more flexible one.

| WayV/YouTube

And I’m sure he’ll hold the title for a long time.