9 Times NCT U’s “Baggy Jeans” References Their Iconic Debut “The 7th Sense”

They gave some of their old dance moves an update.

Taeyong, Ten, Jaehyun, Mark, and Doyoung introduced NCT to the world with their 2016 debut song “The 7th Sense”. Despite making waves with the iconic title track that’s still covered by rookie K-Pop idols years later, the unit never made another comeback—until now.

Seven years later, the NCT U unit is back with “Baggy Jeans” and hasn’t forgotten their groundbreaking debut. Here are nine times they referenced “The 7th Sense” for their highly-anticipated comeback.

Ten, Doyoung, Taeyong, Mark, and Jaehyun. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

1. Ten took a trip down memory lane by looking at one of his “The 7th Sense” teaser photos.

2. Giving an update to Mark’s debut teaser photos, the idol recreated the poses for the “Baggy Jeans”.

3. Using a similar set and dark lighting to “The 7th Sense”, the unit showed off similar choreography with a 2023 twist.

4. Standing side by side and looking at the camera for “Baggy Jeans”, the NCT U unit mirrored their “The 7th Sense” concept photo.

5. All the way down to the purple lighting, they made sure “The 7th Sense” references weren’t missed.

6. “The 7th Sense” director made a return for “Baggy Jeans”.

7. Doyoung brought back Ten’s “The 7th Sense” red scarf and added sparkly jewels.

8. Doyoung recreated his poses from their debut teaser photos for “Baggy Jeans”.

9. Updating “The 7th Sense” part where the members linked arms, they formed a new move for Doyoung to pass through.

Source: YouTube