NCT Winwin’s Growth From Toddler To Twenty-Four As Told In Photos

Some things never change, like Winwin’s smile!

NCT‘s Winwin is now one of the music industry’s hottest stars, and he just only just turned 24 internationally. While we celebrate his success and birthday, let’s look back on his growth, from his younger days up to now.

1. Toddler

He was just a baby, but even then, he was a natural at posing!

Winwin as a baby

2. Kid

It’s clear that he has always been photogenic since the beginning!

3. Adolescent

Of course, when we get to that age between childhood and young adult, we may be a little awkward. Still, when in doubt, just throw up the “V!”


4. Teen

Like most of us, Winwin also managed to have fun at school and would take selfies!

5. Pre-debut

He was always musically inclined!

He majored in traditional Chinese dance in school for six years and even got first place for dance in high school! Afterward, he attended Beijing Dance Academy.

6. Trainee

He first entered SM Entertainment in 2013 when he was just in elementary school and since took classes for trainees on and off. He was introduced as a SMRookie on January 5, 2016. He shared a dorm with NCT’s China line at this time.

7. University student

While he did go back to China to attend university, in the summer of 2015, he hung out with other Chinese trainees from SM Entertainment at Lotte World.

8. Rookie

While he was still part of SMRookies, he appeared in NCT U‘s “WITHOUT YOU” MV in 2016.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

9. NCT debut

Winwin finally debuted as a member of NCT 127 with the position of the lead dancer in their debut mini-album.

| SM Entertainment

10. NCT U

He made his official debut in NCT U in 2018 for “BOSS.”

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

11. NCT 2018

In March of 2018, he participated in the project NCT 2018.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

12. WayV

He began preparing for WayV in November 2018 then made his debut in the China-based sub-unit in January 2019 for their EP The Vision.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

13. NCT 2020

Last year, he participated in the new project group for NCT Resonance Pt. 1, NCT Resonance Pt. 2, and the full album Resonance.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

14. Twenty-Four

Happy birthday, Winwin!

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