There Are Nearly 100 Million K-Pop Videos On TikTok, And These Are The Countries That Produce The Most K-Pop TikToks

Did your country make the list?

TikTok recently revealed that there are over 97 million K-Pop videos on the social media platform!

| TikTok

Surprisingly, most of the K-Pop videos on TikTok were created by fans outside of South Korea! TikTok said in a statement that 92.8 percent of K-Pop related videos on the platform were made by users who don’t live in South Korea.

Here are the 4 countries that produced the most K-Pop videos on TikTok!

1. Indonesia

Indonesian users made the most K-Pop related TikToks! TikTok revealed that Indonesia accounts for 16.4 percent of all K-Pop videos on the platform. Considering hundreds of thousands of Indonesians have been traveling to South Korea since the Korean Wave rose to popularity, it’s no surprise that the country shows its love for K-Pop on TikTok.

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2. Philippines

The Philippines accounted for 13.5 percent of all K-Pop TikToks. Like Indonesia, the Philippines was an early adopter of the Korean Wave, and this country even had the highest number of new K-Culture clubs in Southeast Asia way back in 2018!

| Cosmo

3. United States

K-Pop fans in the United States created 8.7 percent of the 97 million+ K-Pop videos on TikTok. Many K-Pop fans in this country are willing to travel across the country just for a chance to see their favorite groups, so it’s no wonder that so many K-Pop TikToks were created by Americans!

| Los Angeles Times

4. South Korea

South Korea finishes out the list with 7.2 percent of the K-Pop videos on TikTok. As the birthplace of K-Pop, it’s no wonder that South Korea creates so much K-Pop content on TikTok!