You Need To Listen To These 10 Girl Group B-Sides, Like, Now

It’s a crime that some of these songs aren’t title tracks.

In the fast-paced world of K-Pop, most fans don’t have the time to listen to full albums every time groups release them. Unfortunately, this means you will inevitably miss out on a lot of great B-side tracks—some of which are even better than the titles!

Red Velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter

There are countless B-sides that you need to get in your ears posthaste, but these 10 are a great place to start if you’re looking to expand beyond just title tracks.

1. LOONA – “WOW”

This killer track comes off LOONA‘s 2021 album [&]. From the very beginning, this song is completely captivating. Even if you weren’t a huge fan of the polarizing title “PTT (Paint The Town)”, you should absolutely give this song a listen.

2. Weki Meki – “Metronome”

This song off Weki Meki‘s 2018 mini album serves up all the rhythmic bass and addictive chorus you could ever ask for.

3. WJSN – “Pantomime”

This WJSN song is heavy with the otherworldly charm that WJSN’s branding has been known to lean into, and it’s also chock full of musically interesting segments that everybody needs to experience.

4. GFriend – “Labyrinth”

In contrast with the more subdued and emotional title track “Crossroads,” GFriend‘s “Labyrinth” off the album of the same name provides tons of high-octane energy and gets you rocking along with them as soon as the first chorus hits.

5. Red Velvet – “Sunny Side Up!”

“Zimzalabim” is undeniably one of Red Velvet‘s most controversial title tracks, but this B-side off The ReVe Festival: Day 1 is 100% worth a listen. Red Velvet have long been considered the queens of B-sides, and even though audiences were torn about this title track, the gals still objectively delivered on the rest of the album.

6. fromis_9 – “Escape Room”

This track off fromis_9‘s latest album Midnight Guest is the perfect combination of a smooth instrumental and powerful vocals that will leave every listener totally entranced.

7. aespa – “YEPPI YEPPI”

Aespa have quickly become one of the top girl groups on the scene, and they haven’t done so with their title tracks alone. This upbeat song off their Savage mini album will definitely get you in the mood to party.


Now in the seventh year of their career, TWICE have plenty of songs to choose from, but this tune off their latest album is hard not to love. We personally recommend blasting this self-love anthem when you’re getting ready in the morning, but it’s a perfect choice for any time of day.

9. ITZY – “Sorry Not Sorry”

This ITZY track hooks you straight away with fun guitar riffs, then keeps you along for the ride with interesting rhythms and that signature ITZY charm.

10. CLC – “Meow Meow”

Though new music doesn’t appear to be on the horizon for CLC, there’s still plenty of good songs in their stash just waiting to be heard. This mellow track off their 2017 mini album Crystyle is one song that quickly turns addictive after you hear it.

Source: Reddit