We Need To See These 5 Artists On Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month” Pronto

They would all totally kill it!

Started in October 2020, Studio Choom‘s “Artist of the Month” series selects a different K-Pop artist each month to do a special dance performance and participate in an in-depth interview.

Ryujin of ITZY was “Artist of the Month” in November 2021 

So far, 11 idols have been selected for “Artist of the Month.” Of course, there are plenty of artists who would be great on the series, but we’d especially love to see these 5!

1. Kep1er’s Xiaoting

An excellent dancer, Xiaoting of Kep1er has experience in ballroom dancing, as well as modern dance! We’re sure she’d knock our socks off if she ever got the chance to show us her multitude of dance styles on Studio Choom.

Xiaoting | dahyun/Tumblr 

2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Everybody knows by now that Seulgi is a total all-rounder who can do absolutely anything flawlessly. We would love to see what kind of performance Seulgi would grace us with if she went on “Artist of the Month”!


3. TWICE’s Jihyo

Jihyo‘s vocals are out of this world, but we’d be fools to ignore her excellent dancing skills! After 10 years of training and almost 7 years of group activities, she’s certainly refined her craft, and she would totally wow us no matter what she performed.

Jihyo | @twiceofficial/Giphy 

4. SHINee’s Key

A legend among legends, Key is the original dancing machine. With not only SHINee choreographies under his belt, but also those of a plethora of other groups, he’d be sure to shake things up with his “Artist of the Month” performance.



With his “Danceology” video series in which he posts original choreography videos for a variety of pop songs, SEVENTEEN‘s youngest member Dino would be a great candidate. Fans would surely be excited to see what kind of performance he would deliver.

Source: Reddit