5 Wild Fan Theories “The Glory” Cast Shuts Down For Part 2

Actor Jung Sung Il saw some issues with that particular fan theory.

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Thanks to the success of Netflix‘s revenge drama The Glory, fans have created detailed theories on what they think will happen in the second season. So five of the K-Drama’s cast sat down to debunk the predictions that weren’t possible and hinted at some that held bits of truth for Part 2.

1. Mr. Chu Dies For Dong Eun

Since Dong Eun and Mr. Chu‘s characters have similar bob haircuts, one fan theorized a case of mistaken identity gone horribly wrong. If Yeon Jin goes searching for Dong Eun at night, they could accidentally kill Mr. Chu instead.

Yeon Jin mistakes Mr. Chu for Dong Eun because of their similar hairstyles and attacks him at night. So Mr. Chu will die instead of Dong Eun.

— Fan

The theory made the cast laugh. They quickly explained that it wouldn’t be possible to mistake the characters for each other and was “definitely a wild guess” to make. Mr. Chu was noticeably “way bigger than” Dong Eun.

2. Dong Eun Is Already Dead

Although many viewers sympathized with Dong Eun, one fan believed she wasn’t who she claimed to be. They theorized that Dong Eun was the one who fell from the rooftop. From then on, So Hee has been impersonating her.

What if it’s actually Dong Eun who died in high school, and So Hee is impersonating Dong Eun to take revenge?

— Fan

The theory left the cast mind-blown by the major plot twist. But they were soon brought back to reality because it wouldn’t fit into the drama’s events.

That’s wrong. It wouldn’t make sense. They took it too far.

— Park Sung Hoon

3. Dong Eun Becomes Yeon Jin

Actor Park Sung Hoon remembered seeing a fan theory of Dong Eun transforming into Yeon Jin through plastic surgery. While they thought it was possible because of Yeo Jeong‘s skills, one obstacle made it impossible.

The one I saw said Yeo Jeong will change Dong Eun’s face to Yeon Jin’s face, and Dong Eun will live as Yeon Jin.

— Park Sung Hoon

They pointed out that Dong Eun would “feel terrible every time she looks in the mirror” and would be living a “nightmare.

4. Jae Jun Won’t Betray Yeon Jin

One fan realized that Jae Jun’s name differs from the rest of the characters, based on the Korean alphabet. They used that as evidence that Jae Jun would never betray Yeon Jin.

Only Jae Jun doesn’t have the Korean alphabet ‘ng’ in his name. So he’ll take Yeon Jin’s side until the end.

— Fan

Though the cast said it was “suspicious,” they warned that it could be “another setup” and quoted the drama’s main writer on every detail not having secret meanings.

Everyone, not everything a writer writes has a hidden meaning. [Laughs]

— Kim Eun Sook

5. Myeong O Survived

After the first season’s ending, Son Myeong O became a trending search topic as viewers sought answers on the character’s supposed death. So one fan believed the character wasn’t actually dead and looked forward to seeing him in Part 2.

Son Myeong O might still be alive. Myeong O, see you in Part 2.

— Fan

Actor Kim Gun Woo attempted to answer the question without spoiling the upcoming season. He left viewers even more curious by saying his character was between life and death.

He’s neither dead…[nor alive]. He’s somewhere in between. Find out the truth in Part 2.

— Kim Gun Woo

While many of the theories weren’t possible, the cast confirmed there were a few accurate predictions that will happen in the upcoming season.

Check out their reactions to all the fan theories they discussed.

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