The Top 10 Hottest “Single’s Inferno” Male Cast Members, Ranked

Viewers voted for Paradise’s king.

Netflix‘s dating show Single’s Inferno gave viewers three seasons of love, drama, and sexy stars. Who is Single’s Inferno‘s most handsome male cast member so far? Viewers voted. These are the top 10 results:

10. Yun Ha Bin (Season 3)

Yun Ha Bin scored 2% of the vote (68 votes).

9. Jo Yoong Jae (Season 2)

With 3% of the vote (99 votes), Jo Yoong Jae came in 9th place. 

8. Choi Min Woo (Season 3)

Choi Min Woo racked up 4% of the vote (148 votes).

7. Kim Hyeon Joong (Season 1)

With only a three-vote over Choi Min Woo, Kim Hyeon Joong came in 7th. He had 4% of the vote (151 votes).

6. Kim Se Jun (Season 2)

Coming in 6th place is Kim Se Jun, who had 4% of the vote (166 votes).

5. Lee Jin Seok (Season 3)

Lee Jin Seok racked up 5% of the vote (170 votes). 

4. Cha Hyun Seung (Season 1)

Cha Hyun Seung took 5% of the vote (203 votes) and the fourth spot on this list. 

3. Lee Gwan Hee (Season 3)

With 6% of the vote (237 votes), Lee Gwan Hee takes the third spot on this list. 

2. Park Min Kyu (Season 3)

Park Min Kyu earned 18% of the vote (647 votes), landing him the second spot on this list. 

1. Kim Jin Young/DEX (Season 2)

Kim Jin Young/DEX turned up the heat as a Season 2 cast member, then again as a Season 3 host. He landed in first place with 41% of the vote (1,531 votes). Congrats!

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