Here Are 20+ Cameos And References You Might Have Missed The First Time Watching K-Sitcom “So Not Worth It”

Did you spot these cameos and references?

Netflix and tvN‘s highly anticipated Korean sitcom So Not Worth It has finally been released! If you’ve only binged it once so far, there might be some references or cameos (there were a lot) that you missed. We’re here to help! So, we have compiled a list of some things you may have missed when watching So Not Worth It.

Here are 20+ cameos and references in So Not Worth It that you need to see…


Hyun Min is listening to ITZY’s “Not Shy” at the very beginning of the first episode.


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♬ Not Shy – 있지

2. Haha

Did you recognize the entertainer? He gets food spilled on him not once but twice in the first episode.

3. CLC and PENTAGON posters

They can be found on the walls of Sam and Jamie’s room. Sam is clearly a man of taste.

4. GOT7’s Yugyeom, Jackson, and Jinyoung’s numbers are saved in Minnie’s contact list

In episode 4, Minnie brags about having gotten “every single number from the hot trainee guys” before she quit being a trainee.

5. All of the birds in Sam and Jamie’s room

GOT7‘s Youngjae revealed in a tweet that he purposefully asked for birds to be included in the decore for his character’s room. Figurines and plushes of birds representing GOT7’s fandom Ahgase (it translates to “baby bird”) can be found throughout his room, including on his bed and desk.

| So Not Worth It/Netflix

6. Ho Dong and Soo Geun

Did you spot the comedians? In episode 6, Kang Ho Dong acts as a speed quiz host, while Lee Soo Geun is a shaman in episode 9!

7. CLC’s Yujin

Who else wasn’t expecting to see her? ✋ What a pleasant surprise! She appears in episodes 9 and 11.

8. Mark Meal

This convenience store meal includes instant spaghetti, instant tteokbokki, sausage, and string cheese! It is a recipe made famous by GOT7’s Mark Tuan, hence the name “Mark Meal.” Yujin tries it for herself in episode 9!


♬ I′m in the Mood for Dancing – YU JU (GFRIEND)

9. Crash Landing On You 

In So Not Worth It, Minnie is obsessed with K-Dramas like the rest of us, and one of her favorites is Crash Landing On You.


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♬ original sound – ☺️

10. 2AM’s Jinwoon

The actor and 2AM maknae, Jinwoon, appears as Carson’s boyfriend in episodes 6 and 7.

Jinwoon in So Not Worth It | Netflix

11.  ZE:A’s Kwanghee

The actor and singer appears in episode 6 as an online buyer.

Kwanghee in So Not Worth It | Netflix

12. Julien Kang

The French Korean actor and model has a small cameo as a Frenchman outside the temple in episode 4.

Julien Kang in So Not Worth It | Netflix

13. Im Won Hee

Even if you’re not familiar with his name (he is also sometimes credited as Lim Won Hee), you definitely recognize his face as he’s appeared in lots of our favorite K-Dramas, including Melting Me Softly, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and Legend of the Blue Sea (just to name a few). He plays Hyun Min’s mother’s ex-boyfriend in episode 4.

Im Won Hee in So Not Worth It | Netflix

14. Kim Hee Jung

Kim Hee Jung, who already has quite an extensive resume, plays Se Wan’s mother in episode 10.

Kim Hee Jung in So Not Worth It | Netflix

15. Yoon Jong Shin

The singer-songwriter, record producer, and Mystic Story CEO appears as a karaoke employee in episode 11.

Yoon Jong Shin in So Not Worth It | Netflix

16. Lee Ji Hoon

Singer and actor Lee Ji Hoon appears in multiple episodes as different characters. He is a doctor in episode 1, a taxi driver in episode 11, and a barber in episode 12.

Lee Ji Hoon in So Not Worth It | Netflix

17. Kim Jung Min

The singer-actor portrays a detective in episode 2.

Kim Jung Min  in So Not Worth It | Netflix

18. Yoon Seo Hyun

A K-Drama veteran, he has appeared in Start-Up and Bring It On, Ghost. In episode 3, he appears as a con man.

Yoon Seo Hyun in So Not Worth It | Netflix

19. Hwang Woo Seul Hye

If you thought the con woman in episode 3 also looked familiar, it’s because it was Hwang Woo Seul Hye from Crash Landing On You!

Hwang Woo Seul Hye in So Not Worth It | Netflix

20. Kim Ji In

She appears in episodes 3 and 5. If you’re wondering where you have seen her before, she has been in Start-Up and Extraordinary You.

From left: Terris Brown and Kim Ji in So Not Worth It | Netflix

21. BamBam’s cousin Prae

Prae acts as a reoccurring character, another Thai student and Minnie’s friend.

She also uploaded a video on her YouTube channel about her experience working on So Not Worth It.

22. Kim Jae Hwa

Having previously appeared in a large number of movies and K-Dramas, including Run On and True Beauty, Kim Jae Hwa plays Se Wan’s mom’s creditor in episode 4.

From left: Yoa Kim and Kim Jae Hwa in So Not Worth It | Netflix

23. Kim Kang Min

Kim Kang Min appears in episodes 6 and 9. He has also been in Hospital Playlist, Tale of the Nine Tailed, and Record of Youth.

Kim Kang Min in So Not Worth It | Netflix

24. Lee Dong Kyu

We see him play an anchorman in episode 3 very briefly. This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen him appear as an anchorman (and reporter) either. He’s appeared as one in numerous K-Dramas, such as Penthouse, Flower of Evil, and Tale of the Nine Tailed.

Lee Dong Kyu in So Not Worth It | Netflix

25. Jung Yi Rang

Most recently, she’s been in Hello, Me!. Now, she has appeared in three roles in So Not Worth It. In episode 3, she was the North Korean announcer seen on television. In episode 5, she played the Icheon grandmother. She’s also a regular character, Ms. Jung!

Jung Yi Rang in So Not Worth It | Netflix

26. Kim Jin Ok

She has previously been in several movies and K-Dramas, including Hello, Me!, Tale of the Nine Tailed, and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. In So Not Worth It, she appears a couple of times as one of the maids.

Kim Jin Ok in So Not Worth It | Netflix

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