How Filipino Netizens Reacted To B.I’s Random Appearance At The Vogue PH Gala

Who else was shook to see him?

B.I has landed on Philippine soil! The Korean rapper has a strong fanbase in the country dating back to his time as a member of iKON. As a soloist, he has traveled to the Philippines to meet fans and perform in concert.

On August 29, he surprised netizens by being part of the Vogue Philippines’ anniversary gala lineup. He mingled with local celebrities such as Nadine Lustre, Anne Curtis, Bretman Rock, and more.

Check out how netizens reacted to his unexpected appearance below!

1. When they were all shook

At first, many couldn’t help but express their shock at his random appearance.

It seems so random that Hanbin is here.

β€” @dubtaeng

Heyyy Hanbin is here for Vogue.

β€” @DGtokki

Is this true? HAHAHAH why is Hanbin here, it’s so random.

β€” @jengeleng

They even thought the photos of him with the local celebrities were edited!

2. When they wished that today was everyday

Once the shock wore off, they wished that he would always come back to the Philippines.

3. When he looked fine AF

B.I’s visuals were even more stunning in real life.

4. When they were proud of him for coming out of his shell

Fans were proud of him for mingling so well with the others despite being an introvert.

5. When he was surrounded by stars

A fan reminded non-Filipinos that B.I was hanging out with the crème de la crème of Filipino celebrities.

6. When he was a “big boy” already

Another fan was envious of B.I for being with the people they idolized since childhood, calling him a “big boy” when it comes to socializing with others.

7. When he stole the show

There’s no doubt that B.I stole the show at the Vogue PH gala with his surprise appearance.

8. Too Handsome

Each photo he was in exemplified his good looks.

There’s no doubt that B.I definitely made a memorable appearance that was well received!