Netizens Agree BTS Jungkook’s Visuals Are Killing It In Recent Advertisements

He’s not the golden maknae for no reason!

Although it’s no secret that BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook looks flawless in any photo, these visuals of him from recent advertisements such as FILA and Coway, have netizens agreeing that his visuals are no joke!

Starting with these FILA advertisement videos, he has captured our attention and our souls with his eye contact.


And his new eyebrow piercing has really given him an even more cool and charismatic vibe.


He can stare from any angle and still have us mesmerized, including…


..or from below!

These close-up face shots are everything!



And making it black and white just makes it even more sexy and alluring.


These Coway ads give us total different vibes as he shows off his pure and adorable side in all white!


He’s telling us to have a good night, but honestly how can we with him looking like that?


Netizens couldn’t believe his visuals either!

  • “His close-up face shots are no joke.”
  • “Is this what true eye candy is like…He looks so amazing.”
  • “He is seriously the best looking…I love you Jungkook!”
  • “How can someone look like this?”
Source: theqoo