Netizens Believe That If These 5 Artists Feature On A Track, It Will Immediately Become #1 On The Charts

Any track they feature on can rise on the charts.

A feature can make or break a track, and people believe that if any of these artists feature on a song, it will immediately hit #1 on the charts.

1. IU

Known for her sweet honey vocals, people believe that any track IU features on will fly to #1 on the charts.

She previously featured on Epik High‘s “LOVE STORY” as well as Zico‘s “SoulMate” and both tracks ranked high on the charts. IU’s soft, melancholic voice always captures the hearts of the Korean public.

2. Suga (BTS)

Suga is known for his rapping, and many Korean netizens have stated that Suga’s rapping style is popular amongst Koreans. His tone is attractive and he has a good sense of rhtyms which people loves.

That’s why it’s no surprise that songs Suga has featured, like Epik High’s “Eternal Sunshine” and LeeSora‘s “Song Request” that both ranked at #1 on the charts.

3. Crush

Known for his trendy vocals, people believe that once Crush features on a song, the emotions that are trying to be convered will explode even more.

Crush has featured on Epik High’s “LOVEDRUNK”, Loco‘s “Still”, and Suran‘s “Love Story”. All of these songs ranked high, especially “LOVEDRUNK”, who held on to the #1 position for weeks.

4. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Known for ability to blend in with any song, Taeyeon is a singer who people believes could crush any song she features on.

She featured on Jonghyun‘s “Lonely” as well as Crush’s “Don’t Forget” and people are in love with her sweet tones in both songs. “Don’t Forget” ranked #1 on numerous music charts and even surpassed 100 million streams!

5. Zion.T

Zion.T is known for his unique tone with many saying that anyone call tell who he is just by his voices.

He featured on Jonghyun’s “Déjà-Boo”, Crush’s “Just”, Toy‘s “Life is Beautiful”, and GRAY‘s “깜빡”. His feature on Jonghyun’s song was so well-received, it landed on the top of numerous music charts for weeks!

Source: Insight