Netizens Compile A List Of 6 Obvious Signs Showing They Know When An Idol Is Dating

Fans can tell when something’s up!

Whenever K-Pop stars are involved in dating scandals, there are some fans who claim they “have known all along”. While idols try their best to keep their dating statuses discreet, they don’t always succeed at “fooling” the fans. Here is a list compiled by netizens, on how they know when something is up with their favorite K-Pop stars.

1. Too Many Details

Netizens agree that if an idol’s “ideal type” shifts from vague aspects, like “someone nice” or “someone good-looking”, to super specifics, like “someone whose appearance has this or that trait” or “someone whose personality is this and that”, it’s almost always a dating scandal in the making. For most K-Pop idols whose relationships get uncovered, their recent “ideal type” interviews that resurface with the news often fit to describe exactly their boyfriend/girlfriend.

2. Unhelpful Members

Netizens also agree when an idol is in a secret relationship, and is interviewing about his or her ideal type, and his or her fellow group members keep laughing at him or her, that’s a strong sign. It is because the group members are likely to know about the relationship, and they want to make fun of the idol for having to go through that uncomfortable interview!

3. Personality Shifts

If the idol is well known for hating “aegyo” or for not being active on social media too often, but all of that flips over night, netizens would suspect a change in the idol’s dating status. For example, netizens added, if an idol who in the past did not like to wear a lot of accessories continues to wear a single bracelet over and over again – or if an idol who usually does not like bright colored clothing is seen sporting the same yellow hoodie every week, the chances are very high.

4. Unusual Sightings

According to netizens, K-Pop idols in secret relationships will start to be sighted in a very random, but specific neighborhood when there aren’t any official schedules in that area. This is thought to be because he or she is hanging out with someone special who lives and/or works in the area.

5. Awkward Behaviors

Netizens suspect an idol is dating when his or her behavior changes, in a noticeably awkward way, especially at music shows, rehearsals, or award performances. Should a certain K-Pop group member seem to be frozen in time, when everyone else is reacting and having fun, netizens advise to check who is on stage. Chances are, that idol is only trying to act as natural as possible – but failing horribly – only to give away so much more than he or she should.

6. Raw Instincts

Some hardcore fans admitted they “just know” when something changes with their ultimate biases. Because these super loyal fans have been closely watching their favorite K-Pop idols for years, they can pick up the nearly-invisible clues and figure out when the idol is lost in love.