Netizens Didn’t Like These 4 K-Pop Songs At First… Here’s Why

Sometimes you just have to listen to a song multiple times.

Is it fair to like a song only after listening to it multiple times? According to a post on Reddit, it is. Here are four songs that netizens had to listen to multiple times before they liked them and the reasons why.

1. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

For many netizens, “God’s Menu” was hard to process on the first listen. One user had a reason for finding songs like this overwhelming and said, “If it’s a song with a lot of layers it takes me a while to process everything, especially if things in the instrumentals are connecting to lyrics.”  

2. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO

For another netizen, there are some songs that they don’t like that much until they are a fan of the group. An example for that user was “Ko Ko Bop”. The reason? Some songs just have to come to you at the right point in your life.

3. “ELEVEN” by IVE

This song’s switch up was jarring to some listeners at first. For some netizens, it was enough to not like the song at all. Yet, after getting to used to it, they like the overall song well enough.

4. “LOCO” by ITZY

One netizen didn’t initially like this song. Yet, after hearing snippets of it at year-end award shows, they have been obsessed. Another Reddit user couldn’t get into the song at first, since due to the vibrant colors of the music video, it was overwhelming. After listening to it again, without the video, it became their favorite song off the album. For others, ITZY themselves is what sold the song.

You may enjoy some songs at first listen, for others you may never like. What songs have you had to listen to more than once to like, and why?


Source: Reddit