Netizens Discuss Which 9 K-Pop Female Idols Are The Most “Lethal” Girl Crushes

They have the power to knock anyone off their feet!

Fans recently had a discussion about which female idols best rock the “girl crush” concept in K-Pop. These are the girls that look bad-ass and kill every stage that they’re on, owning the concept without looking too forced.  This is specifically for “girl crush” concepts – not just overall stage presence! These are the 9 girls that were most hyped up.

1. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

“Soyeon from (G)I-dle oozes charisma and power on stage. I have never seen anyone own the stage since CL from 2NE1.”

“The thing is , not only does she ooze power on stage, but she does in real life. She’s powering her group to the top with her songs and her direction. They call it a collaborative effort, but if you watched Queendom you really saw her as a force to be reckond with, and this in turn is giving her group more and more confidence. She is an example of will to power.”

2. Dreamcatcher’s SuA

“Also to add to the list, Dreamcatcher’s SuA! She doesn’t get the chance to show it often, but check out their special live performance covers and her personal choreography videos.”

“SuA definitely deserves a mention. Most of the comments on her Copycat cover are girls talking about how gay they are for her, lmao”

3. f(x)’s Krystal

“the fact that no one’s mentioned krystal, girl im getting old. but for serious, she was the original girl crush with an icy vibe, and is well known for her female admirers. even some signature girl crushes (ex: moonbyul) have her as their fave female idol!”

4. CL

“CL. Every 2NE1 stage was unforgettable because of her. She had the charisma, the rap and dance skills, and the personality. She practically defined the K-pop girl crush concept. Every girl crush idea today can be attributed to her.”

“My answer will always be the baddest female, CL!! In my opinion 2NE1 popularized the girl crush concept and CL was the perfect embodiment of it!”


“SinB could destroy they world if she wanted to tbh, she has so much charisma on her”

6. LOONA’s Yves

“Loona’s Yves is killing me this era with those sleeveless outfits, that hair and her smirks during the performances”

7. TWICE’s Momo

“Can we just talk about Momo in the move special stage with Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung? That girl murdered that stage and if given the chance would DESTROY a twice girl crush concept. She just oozes girl crush and I think she’s one of the best at the concept but just never gets the chance to fully show it.”

“Momo absolutely owned LOA. I love Twice’s cute concepts, but I wonder what it would have been like if Twice had continued in that direction”

8. EVERGLOW’s Aisha

“Everglow’s aisha slayed her beginning part in dun dun, left a pretty good impression imo”

“Even though Mia is in charge of girl crush I feel myself really drawn to Aisha when we are talking about legit attraction. She’s tall and has those fierce eyes and voice when she raps but off stage she’s so sweet and I’d really like to take her out on a coffee shop date lmao”

9. IZ*ONE’s Sakura

“Izone-sakura. She is deadly beautiful”

“If Sakura makes a girl crush solo debut she will slay all of us. Be ready.”

Source: Forum