Netizens Chose The 10 K-Pop Male Idol Groups With Stand Out Visuals, And Here Are Their Picks

Are your favorites on the list?

In K-Pop, fans are blessed to be treated to idol groups that are extremely talented, charismatic, and visually attractive! Yet, the visuals combined with everything else make them so special to fans, including their charm, personalities, and style.

On an online forum, netizens recently voted for the male idol groups they thought had the best visuals. In no particular order, here are their picks!


Since debuting, ATEEZ has caught the attention of fans for their diverse and unique visuals. With eight very distinct personalities, each member has their own style and visuals that shine through. In particular, fans have noticed that each member’s clothes on stage and in appearances showcase their charisma and only add to their overall aura.

| @ATEEZofficial/ Twitter

2. TXT

Although they might still be young compared to some of the idols on the list, TXT has proven that they are the ones to watch in K-Pop. On top of their catchy music, the members are both adorable and have personalities that are so charming. With all members caring for each other, it all combines to create handsome idols inside and out!

| @TXT_BigHit/ Twitter

3. EXO

There is no denying that, when it comes to K-Pop visuals, fans cannot discount EXO! Even though they debuted in 2012, the members still have some of the industry’s strongest and most visual idols. With a style that has matured with the members, they can pull off any concept with style!

4. BTS

When it comes to anything in K-Pop, BTS cannot be missed off the list. In particular, it is no exception when it comes to having grade A visuals from the members. All of the members have their own distinct and unique personalities that reflect their style and looks. Yet, along with the other groups on the list, they have characters to match, with charm, charisma, and playfulness.

| @bts_bighit/ Twitter


When it comes to SEVENTEEN, the group is sometimes seen as one of the most underrated artists in K-Pop, in many ways. In particular, their visuals can sometimes be forgotten about as the group is so talented and charismatic. Yet, there is no denying that each member is handsome the other, showcasing their unique personalities and styles!

| @Pledis_17/ Twitter

6. SHINee

For many K-Pop fans, SHINee is seen as some of the original visuals in the industry. When the members debuted in 2007, they were cute and had the typical image of the “boy next door.” Yet, in 2021, they have grown and matured into men, and their visuals have grown with them, turning them from cute boys into sexy men.

| @SHINee/ Twitter

7. OnlyOneOf

Although many fans have only recently discovered OnlyOneOf, some have always praised their visuals enough throughout their careers. Whether through their hair or fashion choices, the visuals in the group showcase that each member can pull off any style and make it look effortless!

| @OnlyOneOf_twt/ Twitter

8. Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ have taken over K-Pop, and have been called the leaders of the fourth generation. Yet, aside from their amazing music and hilarious personalities, the members are also very handsome. From the duality of Felix to the cuteness of maknae I.N, each member has their own distinct style that reflects their personality.

| @Stray_Kids/ Twitter


Although they are the youngest group on the list, ENHYPEN has already made its mark on K-Pop with amazing music and the member’s stunning visuals. Being so young, they have the charm and innocence for their age and showcase insane duality on stage, showing a different side to them.

| ENHYPEN/ Twitter

10. NCT

With so many members, it is no surprise that NCT was picked as one of the groups with stand-out visuals. Throughout the various subunits, each member has their distinct style and visuals that make them stand out against the crowd. From the youngest member Jisung to the oldest Taeil, there is no denying the visuals are off the chart. 

| @NCTSmtown/ Twitter