Netizens Marvel At The Beautiful Ways IU Pays Homage To Her Muses

She really has the most beautiful way with words.

IU is arguably one of the best known solo singer-songwriters in K-Pop, with many agreeing that she has a simple and almost whimsical way with words.

For the many songs that she’s written, she’s drawn inspiration from many people around her. Recently, netizens compiled a list of her muses and the way she expresses what they mean to her, and couldn’t help but be awestruck at IU’s sheer talent and musical sensitivity.

Here are 3 of IU’s muses and the songs that they inspired:

1. Lee Hyori

“HyorixJieun Song”

With really dark eyes and a deep voice like the mist

It’s not enough to just describe her as someone’s wife


Lee Hyori and IU released this song as a collaboration in 2017, for IU’s 9th debut anniversary. The two artists became close when IU appeared on the first season of the show Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.


2. Sulli


My eyes keep turning towards that white face

why do I never get sick of you?

When you smile slightly, I really go crazy.

How could you be so pretty, baby?


IU and Sulli were known to be extremely close friends. She wrote this song while thinking about Sulli from the perspective of a man, as part of her 2012 album “Spring of a Twenty Year Old”. Following the tragic news of Sulli’s passing, the song re-entered charts as fans remembered the singer and actress fondly.


3. Yoo In Na


From somewhere far away, while looking at unrelated things,

with a bit of loneliness, I’m thinking of you

The person I miss so much, is you

Ah, my heart aches

Are you doing it on purpose?

And what about you? Are you lovely today as well?



IU and actress Yoo In Na, are also known to be very close friends, so much so that they even live in the same apartment building! IU has called Yoo In Na her best friend and muse many times, and they’ve proven their steadfast friendship on several occasions.


Netizens couldn’t help but compliment IU’s simplistic yet beautiful style as a lyricist:

IU’s musical sensitivity really seems to be impressive. I hope that she keeps on giving us good songs


She really has a pretty way with her words


IU thinks f(x) Krystal’s voice is innocent, like a girl crying after losing her first love. I got goosebumps from the way she described Krystal’s voice; when I listened to it, I felt like it was kind of a choking voice after crying but she explained it perfectly


IU is set to make her comeback with “Love Poem” sometime in November.