Netizens Speculate That These Trainees Will Most Probably Debut In Produce X 101

They’re speculating who will debut.

Though the show is only at its third episode, netizens already have their guesses as to who will make the final debut line-up of Produce X 101.

1. Kim Yohan

Many believe Kim Yohan will make the debut line-up after he received an A rank and placed #1 for the second episode. His fanbase is increasing and after the first episode, his name was ranked 3rd for popular searches.

2. Kim Mingyu

Netizens believe that he is the most handsome trainee out of the participants and that his fans are constantly increasing. His name ranked 1st for popular searches after the first episode.

3. Gu Jungmo

Many believe that he is the second most handsome member after Kim Mingyu. His name was ranked 2nd in the search rank after the first episode.

4. Cha Junho

He already received love from the public for looking like INFINITE‘s L. Even though he didn’t get much screentime the past few episodes, many believe that he did well.

5. Lee Eunsang

People say that he had the best reactions out of the BRANDNEW Music trainees. His search ranking is low, but they say that there is no trainee that could rival him as of now.

6. Nam Dohyun

As the maknae of the show, netizens have fallen in love with his cute face. Not only that, but his rap skills are good and he is tall for his age. His fanbase is steadily increasing.

7. Son Dongpyo

He was the center during their theme song stage, which gave him numerous fans. Though the reactions for him are mixed, many agree that his first evaluation was good. Since he gets a lot of screentime, his fans also increase.

8. Song Hyungjoon

Now known as Starship’s Cutie, many have fallen in love with his charms. His dance is good and he has a lot of potentials to improve. Some have said that he reminds them of former WANNA ONE member Park Jihoon.

9. Ham Wonjin

Though they say his spot is ambiguous, many agree that he has what it takes to debut and if the PD’s give him more screentime to show off his charms, he could make his debut.

10. Kim Hyunbin

Many are saying that he looks like John Park, which gave him attention. Netizens say that his audition was legendary and that his skills aren’t bad.

11. Kim Wooseok

He has debuted in the past and has a loyal fanbase, so many believe he will end up debuting. His evaluations were very good.

Many agree that most (if not all) will probably make their debut in the show, but this is all just speculation. There is still time for this to change, however, since the show is still in its beginning phases.

Source: Pann