Netizens Think These 10 K-Pop Songs Are The Best Songs From The First Half of 2021

Do your favorite songs from the first half of the year match theirs?

The first half of 2021 definitely gave us plenty of K-Pop bops to bless our playlists!

Netizens recently shared their favorite songs from this year so far on Nate Pann.

Here are the songs Korean fans loved the most so far this year!

1. “Alcohol-Free” (Twice)

“Alcohol-Free” has a bossa nova inspired sound that makes it the perfect soundtrack for a chill summer day. The song does a great job of capturing the emotions of being so attracted to your partner that you feel absolutely giddy around them. TWICE surprised fans with the vibe for this track by totally subverting what we came to expect from their high-energy summer songs like “Dance the Night Away,” and ONCE loved seeing TWICE show their versatility with this more laidback summer track!

2. “On the Ground” (BLACKPINK’s Rosé)

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé made her highly anticipated solo debut with this song and instantly amazed BLINKs with this track! “On the Ground” shows off Rosé’s skills as a vocalist. She effortlessly transitions from singing softly into belting, which demonstrates just how talented she is at conveying emotions through her voice.

3. “Dun Dun Dance” (OH MY GIRL)

With strong vocals and quirky songs like “Nonstop” and “Dolphin,” OH MY GIRL has established a sound that’s all their own, and “Dun Dun Dance” definitely lives up to Miracle’s expectations! “Dun Dun Dance” has a slight city pop vibe and makes the perfect soundtrack for a cheery, playful summer day.

4. “Next Level” (aespa)

“Next Level” is a groovy and funky track, and its mid-song breakdown really gives the aespa members’ vocals and rap skills time to shine! This experimental track shows just how versatile aespa is and has MY excited to see what they do next.

5. “Butter” (BTS)

This energetic, summery BTS track shows off the group’s signature vocal harmonies and even includes a shoutout to ARMY! “Butter” is a great summer, dance-pop anthem and even had non K-Pop fans ready to “get it, let it roll” with BTS!

6. “Lilac” (IU)

IU‘s “Lilac” has a groovy, city pop inspired instrumental and gives the singer’s vocals plenty of space to shine. In the song, she contrasts whispery vocals with powerful belts and keeps listeners fully engaged and mesmerized by her voice.

7. “Don’t Call Me” (SHINee)

SHINee‘s back! This hip hop inspired track breaks away from what people have come to expect from SHINee with their hits like “Lucifer” and “Sherlock,” and it proves SHINee can truly pull off any concept. “Don’t Call Me” gives this powerhouse group plenty of opportunities to show off their vocals.

8. “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” (TXT featuring Seori)

This angsty, rock-inspired track is a sharp contrast to many recent K-Pop releases. Instead of using synths and turning to city pop for inspiration, this TXT track relies heavily on guitars and drums. “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” is incredibly dynamic and catchy, and it shows TXT excels at conveying emotions through their songs.

9. “Hot Sauce” (NCT DREAM)

This afrobeat-inspired track gives NCT DREAM the perfect opportunity to show off their explosive energy! With its super catchy chorus, “Hot Sauce” had NCTzens singing along with NCT DREAM to this song on repeat.

10. “ASAP” (STAYC)

“ASAP” delivers all the catchy pop vibes! This follow-up to STAYC‘s debut track, “So Bad” shows the girl group has already perfected the art of creating an unforgettable track. The flute-like synth that features heavily in the song’s hook works really well with STAYC’s vocals and makes “ASAP” a total earworm!

Source: Nate Pann