Netizens Think aespa Will Look Like These Celebrities In 20 Years

Netizens predict Karina and Winter will look like “Penthouse” stars!

All four members of aespa are stunning, and netizens think they’ll be just as stunning 20 years from now!

On the popular Korean forum, Nate Pann, fans discussed the celebrities they think aespa will most resemble when they’re older.

Read on to see netizens’ predictions for aespa’s future visuals!

1. NingNing

Korean fans think NingNing will look like Seo Yu Ri, an actress, voice actress, VJ, and television host. Seo Yu Ri was a cast member on Saturday Night Live Korea, and she’s appeared in lots of dramas, including Reply 1994Welcome to Waikiki, and Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).

| @yurise0/Instagram

Both of these celebs have adorable soft jawlines and gorgeous big eyes, so we can definitely see NingNing resembling Seo Yu Ri when she gets older! At the very least, NingNing’s singing, art, piano, and cooking skills mean she has being multitalented in common with Seo Yu Ri!

| aespace/Tumblr

2. Giselle

Netizens predict Giselle will look like actress Ham So Won in 20 years. Recently, Ham So Won has appeared on the variety shows Love of 7.7 Billion and Come Drive In.

| @ham_so1/Instagram

aespa’s main rapper and Ham So Won both have alluring eyes and delicate features, so we can see the resemblance. We’re sure Giselle would consider this comparison a compliment because Ham So Won was named Miss Korea Pacific in 1997!

| agemnor/Tumblr

3. Karina

Fans think Karina will look like actress Kim So Yeon. Kim So Yeon is currently starring in the hit drama The Penthouse 3: War in Life.

| @sysysy1102/Instagram

Both Karina and Kim So Yeon have sharp jawlines and enviable cheekbones, and we can totally see Karina looking like the Penthouse star when she’s older!

| krinas/Tumblr

4. Winter

The original poster of the Nate Pann post said Winter will look like actress So Yu Jin when she gets older, and a commenter thinks she’ll look like actress Lee Ji Ah.

So Yu Jin’s most recent dramas are Five Enough and My Healing Love. 

So Yu Jin | @yujin_so/Instagram 

Lee Ji Ah currently stars in The Penthouse 3: War in Life alongside Kim So Yeon.

Lee Ji Ah | @e.jiah/Instagram

Winter, So Yu Jin, and Lee Ji Ah all have sweet smiles and elegant visuals, so we think Winter would be happy with these comparisons!

| nctmentary/Tumblr





Source: Image (1), (2) and (3) and Nate Pann