Netizens Think These B-Cut Photos Prove Korean Celebrities Aren’t Truly Human

It’s hard to believe these photos didn’t make the final cut.

When photobooks and magazines are released, only the highest quality pictures are used. Because of that, many photos go unused in the final publication. These B-Cut photos, however, are often incredibly stunning on their own. Oftentimes, fans are surprised to see the photos that didn’t make the final cut and recently, a number of photos have been circulating that not only make fans wonder how they didn’t make it into the magazine or photobook but also have made fans wonder if their favorite celebrities are really human!


1.  Seolhyun’s stunning SK Telecom photos

These photos of Seolhyun might not have made it into the final cut of the advertisement but fans can’t get over how amazing they look. In fact, some fans even expressed their surprise that these were B-Cuts in the first place!


2. Han Ji Min’s photos that were just too pretty to believe they didn’t make it

It’s hard to believe that these photos ultimately went unused because they are so gorgeous. Many fans were left wondering if Han Ji Min could even take a bad photo after looking at these.


3. Jo In Sung’s handsome B-Cuts

These photos may have been nixed because they weren’t absolutely perfect for what they were going to be used for but there’s no denying they are still perfect!


4. Park Bo Gum’s jaw-dropping unused photos

Park Bo Gum’s visuals shined so brilliantly in these photos that it’s absolutely crazy to think that they were never used!


5. Kim Yuna’s dazzling unprinted photographs

These photos of Kim Yuna are so dazzling and beautiful that many fans couldn’t believe these were the B-Cuts! Especially since her smile was so gorgeous!

Source: Instiz