Here Are 10 Underrated Songs That Netizens Think Deserve More Attention

Do you agree with their picks?

When K-Pop idols release albums, fans are always treated to several impressive tracks showcasing the artist’s diversity and talent. However, with so many amazing artists and songs, sometimes some tracks can get lost amongst the flurry of new releases.

On a recent forum, netizens looked at some of the songs from idols they think are underrated. Here is a look at ten underrated tracks that netizens think deserve more love from K-Pop fans!

1. Aurora (ATEEZ)

Although ATEEZ did promote “Aurora” alongside their track summer hit “Wave,” for many, it is a track that deserves a lot more love. Its calming melody seems like a complete contrast to their title track but still has the same refreshing and youthful vibes. The video is simple, but it is a track perfect for all year round with dazzling vocals and choreography.

2. Girls (NATURE)

NATURE’s track “Girls” was one of the few tracks released by a girl group with this alternative and almost horror-like theme. Yet, even with the outgoing music video, it can’t take away from how good the actual song is. It tells a story with the emotions and passion in their voices and showcases all of the member’s talents.

3. Holiday (SEVENTEEN)

Although the video for SEVENTEEN’s track “Holiday” was released in November 2018, it positively exudes summer vibes! Centering around the theme of friendship, the lyrics and cinematography from the video showcase just how close the members are. Also, with scenes filmed by the members, it makes it an even more touching video for fans.

4. Ex (Stray Kids)

Released alongside their track “Back Door,” Stray Kids’ song “Ex” has a very different feel to it but is just as addictive to listen to. It might feel different from some of the group’s other songs with a softer melody, but it is quintessentially Stray Kids! Combining calming vocals with a strong hook and rap line showcases what the group can do and how diverse they are.

5. Tiki Taka (Weki Meki)

Released in 2019, many fans of Weki Meki’s believe that their track “Tiki Taka” deserved a lot more recognition after its release. Released during the summer, it has the ideal vibes for the season, making it perfect for blasting through the speakers whether you’re at the park, on the beach, or going on a road trip!

6. We Must Love (ONF)

ONF is seen as one of the most underrated groups for many K-Pop fans, and their 2019 track “We Must Love” is a track some think deserve more love. With its change in tempo and unique music video, it is a song that combines drama, action, and a catchy chorus. It doesn’t fit into one genre with so many layers in the track and blurs the lines between standard musical expectations.

7. The Book Of Us: Gravity (DAY6)

In the forum, it seems as if many netizens agreed that the whole The Book Of Us: Gravity album by DAY6 deserved more notice, and it’s hard to agree. Compared to their other albums, these tracks were more upbeat and showcased yet another diverse side. Yet, it was still DAY6 at the core, and that’s what made fans love it so much.

8. Neverending Story (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids’ track “Neverending Story” was recorded for the hit K-Drama Extraordinary You and perfectly embodied the story and emotions from the series. What made this song stand out was the vocals from every member, including the rappers, which were sweet, meaningful, and oozing with passion.

9. Promise (ATEEZ)

The video for “Promise” was filmed while ATEEZ was on their first European tour, and it just exudes positivity. The members are dancing in the streets, and it feels as if the members are utilizing their surroundings to create a video that matches a song that screams fun. In particular, it showcases all of the member’s charms and is enough to make you smile just from one listen.

10. RADIO (Henry)

Released in 2020, “Radio” was the first track Henry released under a new record label. Many believed this song showed his vocal talent and allowed Henry to find his own musical direction with more input. What makes this song even more unique is the tone and textures of Henry’s voice. Combined with the instrumental in the song, it creates a song that is easy to listen to and showcases his musical experience.

Source: FI, FI and FI