Netizens Vote On Which Korean Celebrity Looks The Most Like Squirtle From Pokémon

Who’s the cutest of them all?

Recently, a community portal site, DC Inside, started a poll titled: “Which Celebrity Looks 100% Like Squirtle?” The poll was held from March 14 to 20 with a total of 7,077 participants.

Squirtle is an adorable turtle pokémon from the video game and anime, Pokémon. He is well-loved by fans and was one of the first of the creatures to ever be revealed in 1996. Since then, it has been a common occurrence for K-Pop idols to be compared to the adorable monsters.

Squirtle | Netflix

These are the top 3 most recent idols to be compared to the loveable Squirtle!

| DC Inside

But first! In 7th place came Red Velvet‘s Yeri (2%), in 6th place IZ*ONE‘s Chaewon (3%), in 5th actress Han Ji Min (4%) and in 4th, TWICE‘s Nayeon (5%).

3. MAMAMOO’s Solar (6%)

| @solarkeem/Instagram

Solar has long been associated with Squirtle and has even posed next to the character on occasion. Her smile is truly what makes the similarity.

| @solarkeem/Instagram

2. Actress Ha Yeon Soo (29%)

| @hayeonsoo_/Instagram

Known for her roles in Rich Man, Legendary Witch, and Monstar, Yeon Soo has also been known to look like Squirtle all the way from debut. Her chubby cheeks and cute image make the resemblance uncanny.

My Little Television | MBC

1.  Brave Girls’ Yujeong (43%)

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

Yujeong has been gaining more and more popularity lately once her group, Brave Girls, had a resurgence with their song “Rollin’.” As more people learned about her, the more people thought she had a close resemblance to Squirtle!

Source: Wikitree
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