Netizens Vote On Which Tracks Released In 2017 By Female Artists Is The Best

These were definitely a BOP!

Korean Netizens have chosen their top song picks by female idols released in 2017 through a poll. It was surely a difficult time choosing between a large pool of good songs released in that year.

Here are the results!

1. Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”

“Red Flavor” by Red Velvet was definitely a bop that was memorable for many fans in 2017! It’s catchy and fast beat and easy to sing melody made it easy for anyone to enjoy listening to the song and even dancing to it!

2. BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”

BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last” is a song that can also be easily liked for it’s catchy melody and power rap! It was definitely an earworm!

3. IU’s “Through the Night”

IU‘s “Through the Night” is a ballad about loving someone and being afraid they’ll leave you, but still opening up your heart to them. It carries a relatable message and can make anyone feel at ease when listening to it.

4. SUNMI’s “Gashina”

“Gashina” by SUNMI is a song about being left behind by a lover and not understanding why they did. It became a bop in 2017 and the catchy tune and easy-to-follow dance steps made listening to this song a fun experience for its listeners!

5. IU’s “Palette”

“Palette” is an easy song to listen to with IU’s soft and sweet vocals and soft music! G-DRAGON featuring in the song made it even more iconic!

6. Taeyeon’s “Fine”

Taeyeon showcased her powerful vocals in the song while still bringing comfort to its listeners. The song is an easy listen especially with the evident use of guitar in the melody. Like the rest of the songs listed, this was also a relatable song that talks about recalling memories and still being pained by them.

Source: Instiz