10+ K-Dramas Supposedly Coming To Netflix In 2021 That You Will Regret Missing

So many good dramas are on their way!

K-Dramas just keep getting better and better each year, especially now with the inclusion of Netflix! While some are still being discussed, these are several K-Dramas you should be looking out for on Netflix this year.

1. Kingdom: Ashin of the North

This is a one-episode side story from the Kingdom series and includes a backstory about Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun), a person Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey north at the end of Season 2.

| Netflix

Although the highly-anticipated third season of Kingdom has yet to receive a release date, fans can be at ease knowing there is content coming! Important content at that, as it seems we will learn more about the resurrection plant and how it came to be.

2. D.P.

A soldier is tasked with finding, catching, and arresting military deserters. He soon finds out the emotional struggles of the young deserters that he tracks down.

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Webtoon fans rejoice, as there are quite a few webtoon adaptations in the making, including this highly emotional military piece!

3. Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm is about a society where people use an app that says who likes them within 10 meters of themselves. A girl gets caught in a troublesome love triangle due to the app.

Season 1 Poster

The second season of Love Alarm was originally set for the Summer of 2020 but sadly received a few push backs. As long as there are no more delays, it’s surely coming this year!

4. Younger

In an attempt to restart her career, a 40-year-old single mother pretends to be 20-years-old to get a job.

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The remake of the 2015 American series of the same name has been hiding in the shadows for years, but fans are expecting it for this year. Fans are curious to see this interesting concept as Western remakes are gaining more and more popularity.

5. The Silent Sea

This drama is set in a future where the planet lacks water and food caused by desertification. A crew is sent to the moon to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station.

| Han Cinema

With such a renowned cast and interesting space concept, it’s easy to see why this drama has been widely discussed. As seen above, the script is being read! This drama is coming!

6. All of Us Are Dead

A group of high schoolers becomes trapped in their school when the zombie apocalypse suddenly hits. They must work together to stay alive and get out of the school.

| Anime-Planet

Zombies have quickly taken over Korean cinema, as well as webtoon adaptations, so why not combine them? Some new fans are questioning if it will be similar to the popular anime School-Live!

7. So Not Worth It

This sitcom is about a group of students, a teaching assistant, an American student, an Australian chaebol, a Thai student, and a commuter, who live together in a university dorm in Seoul.

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With a seemingly Itaewon Class vibe and diverse cast, fans are gearing up to be wowed by this multicultural spectacle. Not to mention the excitement of seeing GOT7‘s Youngjae as the Australian, Sam, (G)-IDLE Minnie‘s debut as the Thai student Minnie, and the famous African-Korean model Han Hyun Min in his second main role to date.

8. Annarasumanara

An orphaned high school student struggles to support both herself and her sister but realizes she wants to follow her dreams after meeting a magician in an abandoned theme park.

| Naver

Many are fans of this popular webtoon, and everyone is excited for Ji Chang Wook and Hang In Yeop‘s involvement.

9. Hellbound

When citizens can see predictions of their own deaths, they are fated to be taken to hell by angels of death. Some believe the angels were sent by God, while others dig deep to find the truth.

With the recent love of creature dramas such as Sweet Home and The Schoool Nurse Files, it’s no surprise that Hellbound is getting an adaptation. Not only are fans excited simply because of its plot alone, but because it is also being directed by the director of Train to Busan and Psychokinesis, Yeon Sang Ho (who also wrote the webtoon). We can expect a brilliant performance by Yoo Ah In and Kim Hyun Soo!

10. Undercover

In order to find the truth about her criminal father’s death, Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) infiltrates the Police.


Often in law/police dramas, we see cops infiltrating crime rings, never the other way around. This interesting twist is causing a lot of excitement.

11. Round Six

This show is about people who decide to become the players of a mysterious survival game that has a $40 million prize. Gi Hun, (Lee Jung Jae), decides to join the game after he is fired from his job.

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Riding along with creature and zombie dramas popularity are survival game dramas. This drama has been talked about since September 2019 and has not yet been confirmed for a date, but many speculate it will finally be coming this year.

12. Move to Heaven

A man with Asperger syndrome works for his father’s business “Move To Heaven.” Their job is to arrange/discard items left by deceased people. One day, his own father dies.

| What’s On Netflix

This drama is a unique change of pace as most are not as somber or heart-felt, nor discuss this kind of work. Inspired by a non-fiction essay, viewers are expected to be hit with many emotions.