10+ Perfect “Soljiwan” Moments From “Nevertheless” That We’ll Never Forget

Warning: rewatching these precious scenes will give you a serious K-Drama hangover!

The core romance in Nevertheless may have been that of Han So Hee‘s lead character Yoo Na Bi, but the unexpected love between Na Bi’s friends Yoon Sol (played by Lee Ho Jung) and Seo Ji Wan (Yoon Seo Ah) stole the show for numerous viewers. If you’ve still got a K-Drama hangover after Nevertheless‘s finale episode last week, relive these 10 unforgettable “Soljiwan” moments with us.

1. When Ji Wan drew Sol

One of the earliest adorable moments between Seo Ji Wan and Yoon Sol came in episode two of Nevertheless, when Ji Wan asked Sol to pose for a portrait drawing. As if that wasn’t cute enough, the moment when Ji Wan suddenly began praising Sol’s beauty was unforgettable.

But Sol… your eyes, nose, and mouth are all so pretty. Even the shape of your face and your eyebrows are pretty.

— Seo Ji Wan

2. When Ji Wan got jealous

When Yoo Se Hoon first asked Seo Ji Wan to help him get close to Yoon Sol, she seemed relatively unfazed. However, when Sol revealed she found Yoo Se Hoon funny, Ji Wan became undeniably jealous of her affections.

You’re not that interested in him, right?

— Seo Ji Wan

3. When they fought

For the first few episodes of Nevertheless, Yoon Sol hid her plans to study abroad from her best friend. Naturally, when Seo Ji Wan uncovered the truth, it didn’t take long for the pair to end up in a fight. It may have been painful, but the passion behind it had viewers on the edge of their seats.

You never tell me important things about yourself. You know that?

— Seo Ji Wan

4. When they made up

Every great K-Drama fight ends in an even greater make-up scene. While Yoon Sol and Seo Ji Wan’s fight almost got resolved without much discussion, Sol insisted on getting to the root of the problem. When the pair apologized to each other, you could truly feel how much they care.

We didn’t get to finish what we were talking about…

— Yoon Sol

5. When Ji Wan showed up to support Sol

When Yoon Sol gave her gallery exhibition presentation, it wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of Seo Ji Wan. The way Ji Wan cheered for Sol from the sidelines was the cutest thing ever.

You’re the best, Yoon Sol!

— Seo Ji Wan

6. When Ji Wan infiltrated Sol’s “date”

Given Seo Ji Wan’s jealousy when Yoon Sol praised Yoo Se Hoon’s humor, it should come as no surprise that she wasn’t about to let the pair go on a date alone together. Ji Wan inviting herself along to the meal was equal parts adorable and hilarious.

How could I not come?

— Seo Ji Wan

7. When Sol overcame her fear of heights

When everyone headed for a fun day at the fair, Yoon Sol initially decided to sit out the Ferris wheel ride. However, when Sol found out that Seo Ji Wan—who’s also afraid of heights—planned on riding it, she decided to overcome her own fears and join her.

Okay, I’ll ride it with you.

— Yoon Sol

As it turned out, Ji Wan was a little too scared of heights to enjoy herself, but the sweetest part is that Sol comforted her all the way through. As soon as Sol held Ji Wan’s hand, she instantly felt fine again despite her surroundings.

8. When Ji Wan drunkenly revealed her feelings

Episode seven of Nevertheless was filled with Soljiwan moments, but few were more heart-wrenching than Seo Ji Wan’s drunken confession. After Yoon Sol took her away from the party commotion, Ji Wan suddenly revealed she likes Sol more than anyone and begged her to stop hanging out with other guys. “Only like me,” she urged, to which Sol shocked viewers by telling Ji Wan, “Stop making me get my hopes up,” revealing she really has romantic feelings for her best friend.

I like you the most. I like you more than my mom and dad. You’re my favorite person in the world. What about you? Who’s your favorite person?

— Seo Ji Wan

9. When Sol confessed

Yoon Sol gave Seo Ji Wan the cold shoulder after her drunken confession, but she couldn’t stay cold forever. When Ji Wan remembered what she’d said that night and realized why Sol was upset, she had to confront her friend once and for all. But Ji Wan apologizing only hurt Sol more, forcing Sol to admit the truth out in the open: “I like you.”

If what you did was just a mistake you need to fix… If you did that with no meaning, then you’re hurting me.

— Yoon Sol

Tragically, Sol went on to assure Ji Wan she wouldn’t act on her feelings, assuming Ji Wan didn’t return the sentiment. But everything turned around when Ji Wan pulled Sol into a hug and brought tears to viewers’ eyes by revealing, “It wasn’t meaningless, so I won’t apologize.”

10. When Ji Wan had a heart to heart with Na Bi

Even in the midst of her own relationship drama, Yoo Na Bi was ever the supportive friend to her lovesick pals, which is why Seo Ji Wan’s heart-to-heart with her was such a cute moment. Ji Wan told Na Bi her conundrum: that her friend likes her and she likes them back, but she’s afraid of ruining the friendship. Ultimately, Na Bi gave her the hard truth: no matter what, they can’t go back to how things were before their confessions. The thought scared her, but it was the push she needed to talk to Sol.

Without my friend, it’d be the same as losing half my life. I’d be screwed.

— Seo Ji Wan

11. When they had the sweetest moment of all

Finally, everything culminated in another heartfelt talk at the swingset. This scene needs no words… just tears.

Seo Ji Wan… my feelings will never change.

— Yoon Sol