There’s A New Hair Trend In K-Pop And These 7 Idols Are Rocking It

Do you like this hair style?

K-Pop is always on top of the trends in the market, and a new hairstyle fashion has been set! Dyeing only the front bangs with a bright color that does not match the rest of the hair is it. Like it or hate it, it’s here to stay…at least for the meantime with these idols.

Check out some of the trendsetters below!

1. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Hyungwon chose bright yellow as his bangs set against black hair.

2. NCT’s Jaemin

Jaemin went down the blue road path and dyed only a portion of his bangs.

3. Baek Yerin

Yerin is a mix of both Hyungwon and Jaemin, doing both blonde and blue in different occasions.

4. KARD’s Jiwoo

Jiwoo is currently filming the show Good Girl all the while sporting the trendy blonde-black hair.

5. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

While Chaeyoung has had blonde-black hair in many photos, the concept photoshoot of TWICE‘s “MORE & MORE” featured blue bangs.

6. Jamie

Jamie is also busy filming Mnet‘s Good Girl, this time with pink hair and blonde bangs in front.

7. Stray Kids’ Jisung

Lastly, Stray KidsJisung has followed the “dyeing bangs only” trend with blonde and black hair.

Source: theqoo