Move Over Mint Choco—Korea Has A New Ice Cream Flavor Controversy (But These 10 Idols Love It)

Have you ever tried this flavor?

Forget so-called dating “scandals”—if there’s one controversy every K-Pop fan knows about, it’s the divide on mint chocolate. Some idols are obsessed with Mint Choco ice cream, while others are horrified by the very thought of it. But now, there’s a new hot topic ice cream flavor controversy (and these idols love it).

Today, one netizen on Korean community site TheQoo started a thread titled, “Ice cream just as controversial as Mint Choco.” The flavor in question? Baskin Robbins‘ Cherry Jubilee.

| Baskin Robbins

Also known as Cherries Jubilee, the flavor is likely based on the classic British dessert of the same name. The Baskin Robbins treat is made of a cherry-flavored ice cream base and sweetened cherry halves with a hint of rum flavor.

| Baskin Robbins

While it may not sound like a particularly “love it or hate it” taste, it turns out there’s a pretty big divide between those who like and dislike the ice cream. Some netizens insisted Cherry Jubilee is delicious and the chewy cherry halves inside make it even better. On the other hand, numerous commenters claimed the flavor has an artificial taste and unpleasant texture that’s enough to give you goosebumps.

| Baskin Robbins

So, where do idols stand on the flavor controversy? Here are ten K-Pop stars who revealed they love Cherry Jubilee.

1. Soobin (TXT)

Earlier this year, TXT’s Soobin discussed the Cherry Jubilee feud during a live broadcast. The leader revealed that although he recently heard it’s a really controversial flavor, he likes it because his mom always used to order it for him.

| Weverse

2. Taehyun (TXT)

And Soobin isn’t the only Cherry Jubilee fan in TXT. At a fansign in 2019, Taehyun told a MOA it’s his favorite flavor too, though he’s also mentioned loving Shooting Star and Rainbow Sherbet.

| Weverse

3. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups is a big fan of Cherry Jubilee. He first mentioned it in 2019, assuring fans last year that it’s still his favorite flavor.

| Pledis Entertainment

4. Yeji (ITZY)

A few weeks ago, Yeji told fans she went out for ice cream with Chaeryeong and revealed that she ordered Chocolate, Shooting Star, and Cherry Jubilee.

| JYP Entertainment

5. Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

ATEEZ’s Mingi has long been seen as the group’s controversial ice cream fan after revealing he likes Mint Choco last year, but Wooyoung’s favorite flavor is Cherry Jubilee.

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

6. Jaehyun (Golden Child)

In one episode of CH. GOL-CHA, Jaehyun was seen begging Jibeom to buy Cherry Jubilee. Then, earlier this year, he shared a photo of the “perfect” ice cream bowl he’d bought: Cherry Jubilee and Mint Choco together.

| Woollim Entertainment

7. Hangyul (BAE173)

BAE173’s Hangyul doesn’t like Mint Choco and is reportedly scared of durian, but Cherry Jubilee is one controversial flavor he does love.

| @lee_gyul_gyul/Instagram

8. Woobin (CRAVITY)

Seongmin is the Mint Choco lover in CRAVITY, but Woobin slipped under the radar last year when he named Cherry Jubilee as his favorite Baskin Robbins flavor.

| @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

9. Serim (CRAVITY)

Serim, meanwhile, has several favorite flavors: New York Cheesecake, Gone With the Wind, Shooting Star, and Cherry Jubilee.

| @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

10. Jerome (TO1)

When TO1 and EPEX were quizzed on their favorite ice cream flavors for Welcome 2 House, Jerome was the only one who opted for Cherry Jubilee (while fellow member Jisu was equally controversial with his pick of Mint Choco).

| @TO1_members/Twitter
Source: TheQoo