Your New Quarantine Routine, Demonstrated By K-Pop Idols

Stuck in quarantine? K-Pop will make it all better.

Well, 2020 is not going according to plan. Planet Earth is closed, social distancing is the new socializing, and people around the world are living their best quarantine life. If you’re stuck at home and in need of a routine, try this one!

1. Wake up whenever. You have nowhere to go.

2. Eat what you stocked up on before panic buyers cleared the shelves.

I hope you’re in the mood for potatoes…forever.

3. Cry over every square of precious toilet paper you have to use up.

4. Do an at-home workout with pushups…

5. …or don’t.

6. Sing K-Pop songs in the shower, loudly enough to annoy your stuck-at-home family members and neighbors.

7. Do your makeup with or without the help of K-Pop makeup tutorials on YouTube.

For years, you’ve been saying that you don’t wear makeup to impress anyone but yourself, so now’s the time to prove it!

8. Create K-Pop inspired outfits from whatever is in your closet…

9. …and have an in-house fashion show.

10. Cry about all the friends you can’t visit in person…

11. …before remembering that you don’t have any.

Just kidding. Unless…?

12. Walk your dog until he or she drops.

No, hooman, I do not want to go for another walk!

13. Study Korean…

14. …then throw a fit when it gets too hard.

15. Binge shamelessly on K-Dramas.

16. Convert everyone in your household into a K-Pop fan.

They can’t escape you now!