“New Rookie Group” BTS Just Debuted With #NoMoreDreamOutNow… Here Are 15+ “Facts” We “Know” About Them

Jin is really, really shy. Suga joined the group because he wanted to dance. And RM is fluent in Russian.

Maybe you’ve heard the latest trending news: a “new” group named BTS just debuted and fans worldwide are already celebrating the future success and shining potential of this “rookie group”.

In light of this, we have tried to gather everything that we know about BTS!

Brace yourselves for “information” overload: it’s about to get “factual” around here. Here are 15+ totally fake and not-at-all-true “facts” about BTS.

1. Jin is the maknae of the group

Jin is the youngest member of the group as he was born in 1998. His major pet peeve is eating.

2. Jin is also really, really, really shy and insecure about his visuals

Please do him a favor and don’t ask him to call himself “handsome”…

…he may faint from embarrassment.

3. RM can speak fluent Russian

Did you know that the group has a bilingual member? RM, one of the group’s rappers, can speak fluent Russian because he used to watch the TV show Friends which was Russian-dubbed.

4. RM = Russian Monster

Since he fell in love with Russian culture, RM decided to pay tribute to his love for Russia so he chose RM which stands for “Russian Monster” as his stage name.

5. RM is the definition of grace and composure

While other guys may be clumsy AF, RM is different from them.

He’s so calm, cool and composed all the time that a British tea is rumored to be named after him.

6. The group almost debuted with the name “Big Kids”…

…but when they considered the height of members Suga and Baby G, they decided to go with the name BTS instead.

7. BTS = Boys who aren’t Totally Short or tall

Their average height is just average: no member is super short or super tall. What an amazing achievement!

8. Suga joined the group because of dance

When he was being recruited to join the group, Suga was told that he just needed to show off his skills in being the group’s dancing machine.

He was absolutely devastated when he had to learn how to rap, because he thinks he’s not really good at it.

9. Suga is a gym rat

As the group’s resident gym rat, Suga absolutely loves working out.

He never wants to sleep because he’s always on-the-go and full of energy. He told the members to wake him up always.

10. J-Hope can’t dance

It’s a good thing he can sing and rap, because J-Hope‘s dancing skills are below average. Maybe Suga could teach him?

Then again, J-Hope doesn’t have any sense of coordination so it may be a futile effort.

11. J-Hope and the other members don’t really get along

Based on an insider (we know the third cousin of one of the member’s stylist’s distant aunt’s neighbor), J-Hope and the other members aren’t on good terms.

Keep this on the down low, okay?

12. Rex doesn’t really like children

He thinks they’re okay, but he doesn’t really want to be a father someday.

13. Rex is the cool, serious type

He’s not one of those members who love joking around and making derp faces, so when you meet him during a fan-meet, don’t try to joke around with him.

14. Baby G has jams

Strawberry jam, blueberry jam, even grape jam — you name it, he’s got it!

15. Baby G joined the group accidentally

The reason he joined the group is because when he accompanied his friend to an audition, he simply shrugged and accidentally showed his shoulder.

Everyone fell in love with it so he was recruited on the spot.

16. Seagull is the eldest member who hates working out

When they were told that they needed to exercise to have a toned body, he cried and tried to leave the group.

17. Seagull joined the group because of RM

Because of his outstanding visuals, Seagull was actually actively scouted by several entertainment agencies.

He joined BTS because he heard RM speaking fluently in Russian, and he thought it was incredibly cool, so he vowed to follow RM wherever he will go.

Happy April Fool’s Day, ARMYs!