Which K-Pop Groups Will Run 2023? Experts Pick The Most Anticipated Idols In The Scene

There’s no doubt 2023 is going to be a great year for K-Pop!

News1 recently asked 33 industry experts to vote for the most anticipated K-Pop artists of 2023.

According to experts’ votes, here are the top eight groups to keep an eye on in the coming year.

5. (G)I-DLE, H1-Key, and ONF (2 votes each)

(G)-IDLE have continually proven themselves to be trendsetters in K-Pop. Not only are the members incredibly talented, but the group also takes charge of their creative direction and music production. Aside from their skill, what fans love most about (G)I-DLE is that they aren’t afraid to call out and challenge the expected norms for idols. Perhaps this is best exemplified by their most recent comeback, “NXDE.”

H1-Key are a rookie group that seem incredibly promising to fans who already love the members’ charisma, energy, and impressive talents. The group is currently preparing for their comeback, “Rose Blossom,” and the stunningly cinematic teaser couldn’t have fans more excited. You can see some of their bright charms in their previous comeback, “RUN.”

ONF are an immensely talented group that stunned K-Pop fans with their appearance on Mnet‘s Road to Kingdom. Since the show, the group has continued to show off their charms and even went viral for the innovative way they approached the members’ military enlistments. You can see their talent and appreciation for fans with their recent special album, Storage of ONF.

4. LE SSERAFIM and Stray Kids (3 votes each)

LE SSERAFIM took the entire K-Pop world by storm with their debut and have only gained more and more fans through their astounding talents. Regardless of the performance, the members never fail to give all their energy into creating captivating stages you can’t look away from. Although LE SSERAFIM are still a relatively new group, they already have a dedicated fanbase that seems to grow by the day. You can see the reason behind their popularity in their catchy comeback, “ANTIFRAGILE.”

Stray Kids have only continued to grow in their popularity since their debut, never failing to impress fans with their explosive energy and astounding skills. Fans love the group’s diverse discography, which spans a wide range of genres thanks to Stray Kids’ own creative control of their music production. You can also see  not only Stray Kids’ incredible music skill, but also their love for their fans with their recent special album, SKZ Replay.

3. ATEEZ (4 votes)

With ATEEZ‘s recent astounding comeback title track “HALAZIA,” fans are once again falling for the group’s impressive talents. Not only does ATEEZ bring unmatched power to their every performance while also ensuring they show off their stunning vocals, but with “HALAZIA,” fans have been once again reminded of just how immersive the group’s lore is. You can see why once fans begin to stan ATEEZ, they can never go back with their recent comeback.

2. IVE (8 votes)

As IVE continually go viral for their hit songs, elegant performances, and gorgeous charisma, it comes as no surprise that experts believe there is a lot more in store for the group in 2023. Especially with the group’s official lightstick just revealed, fans can certainly expect a lot for the upcoming year. Without a doubt fans can look forward to more of IVE’s stunning vocals and captivating performances. You can listen to IVE’s most recent hit song, “After LIKE,” to understand the group’s astounding virality here.

1. NewJeans (11 votes)

It should also come as no surprise that industry experts are expecting the most from the rookie group that has taken the K-Pop world by storm. With their immense talents, upbeat concept, and catchy songs, NewJeans would already be a hit with netizens, but what continues to astound fans is NewJeans’ innovative approach to their promotions. Whether it’s creating an unannounced YouTube channel to bring fans into the lore or unexpectedly dropping their debut songs, NewJeans always leave netizens surprised and waiting for more. Having already made an incredible comeback in 2023 with “OMG,” fans can certainly look forward to what else NewJeans has in store for the year.

Source: theqoo
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