NewJeans Spills On The Iconic Songs That Got Them Into K-Pop

2nd- and 3rd-gen artists inspired the rising rookie group!

NewJeans just released their new song “Ditto,” and it’s already breaking records and topping the charts.

(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hanni, Hyein, Danielle, Haerin, and Minji on the “Ditto” set | @vltngirl/Twitter

The haunting music video and catchy song have been on repeat for netizens and bunnies alike. Although “Ditto” has been released for less than 24 hours, it’s safe to say that it’s a resounding success.

“Ditto” is a pre-release track that will be followed by the group’s second mini-album OMG, which will drop on January 2, 2023.

Their new single joins the impressive discography of songs that NewJeans has already released only five months into their debut.

While they may be releasing top K-Pop songs, the group has their own iconic songs that got them into the genre.

In a recent interview with Spotify for K-Pop ON!, the members all named the songs that made them K-Pop fans. Here’s what each member said!


NewJeans’ Minji | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

NewJeans’ leader Minji named BTS‘s “I Need U” as the song that got her into K-Pop. The song was released in 2015, and just six years later, fate would have Minji appearing in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video with her future group member Hanni!

NewJeans’ Hanni (left) and Minji (right) in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV | @littlekesi/Twitter


NewJeans’ Hanni | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Hanni may have been born in Australia, but that didn’t stop her from being exposed to the growing craze that is K-Pop. She shared that the song that got her to become an official K-Pop fan was “I Got A Boy” by Girls’ Generation, which she heard in 2013.


NewJeans’ Danielle | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Danielle was also turned into a K-Pop fan through a second-generation girl group and named “Roly Poly” by T-ARA as the song that got her into K-Pop.


NewJeans’ Haerin | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Like the group’s leader, Haerin also became a K-Pop fan through their HYBE Labels sunbaes, BTS. For Haerin, the song she heard that made her a fan was “DNA.”


NewJeans’ Hyein | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

NewJeans’ maknae Hyein named a top 3rd gen girl group, TWICE, as the artist behind the song that got her into K-Pop. “What Is Love” is the song that made her a fan!

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