These Are The Nine Tallest Produce X 101 Contestants

Legs for days!

Not only are there Produce X 101 contestants extremely talented and hard-working, but they have legs for days!

9. Woolin Entertainment’s Cha Junho

cha junho

Official height: 178cm

8. Woolin Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong

hwang yunseong

Official height: 179cm

7. Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo

koo jungmo2

Official height: 179cm

6. BRANDNEW MUSIC’s Lee Eunsang

lee eunsang

Official height: 179-181cm

5. MBK Entertainment Nam Dohyun

nam dohyun1

Official height: 180cm

4. OUI Entertainment’ Kim Yohan

kim yohan

Official height: 181cm

3. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee

kang minhee physique 4

Official height:182 cm

2. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu

kim mingyu

Official height: 183cm

1. TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk

lee jinhyuk2

Official height: 185cm

Source: Pann
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