This Is Where The 6 Eliminated Contestants From “NO.MERCY” Are Today

It’s been over 7 years since the show finished!

NO.MERCY was a survival show created by Starship Entertainment that aired between December 2014 and February 2015 that resulted in the creation of MONSTA X. There were 13 trainees that competed on the show, with only the top seven — JoohoneyShownuKihyunHyungwonWonhoI.M, and Minhyuk — making the lineup for the group. So, what happened to the other six contestants? Now, over seven years later, this is what we know about the rest of the trainees that competed on NO.MERCY!

1. Kwangji

Kwangji has been pretty quiet since leaving the show after he was eliminated in episode 5, though he did complete his military service soon afterwards. In 2018, it appeared that he might be at work on new music due to posts showing a homemade studio and mics, but so far only one cover has been released on YouTube. He also has a personal Instagram account with about 13.5k followers.


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2. Yoosu

Like Kwangji, little is known about Yoosu these days, though he also completed his military service after he was eliminated in episode 5 of NO.MERCY.

3. Minkyun

Minkyun now goes by the stage name MK! He was eliminated on episode 7 of the show, and while it sounds like he remained a trainee at Starship Entertainment for a while, he eventually moved on to WM Entertainment and debuted with ONF in August 2017. He’s the lead vocalist and sub-rapper of the group, and was a trainee for 7 years before debuting! As of November 2021, he’s currently completing his military service.

4. Yoonho

Yoonho was eliminated in episode 9 of NO.MERCY, and after his time at Starship Entertainment, he moved on to A Team Entertainment. Though their group VAV had debuted back in 2015, Yoonho — now going by the stage name Ayno — joined them along with Lou and Ziu in 2017! He’s now the group’s main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and visual.

5. #GUN

#GUN was eliminated in episode 10 of the show, making it to the final episode but not quite into MONSTA X. He remained at Starship Entertainment afterwards, and in 2016, he debuted as a solo rapper. He has released several songs since then, including “Sunflower Dance”, “Red Light”, “Aquarium”, and, most recently, “Wednesday”. He also has an Instagram account with about 82k followers!

6. Seokwon

Seokwon was also eliminated on the final episode of NO.MERCY, and thus didn’t make it into MONSTA X. He enlisted in the military after his time on the show, and once he completed it, he returned to training as a K-Pop idol. He ended up at RAIN Company, and debuted with Ciipher in March 2021 under the stage name Tan. He’s currently the group’s lead vocalist!