Non-Musical Quirks That These 5 Groups Are Known For

Some of these are just strange.

Fans love their bias groups for their music but also because of their various personality quirks. These quirks are well-known to fans of these groups.

1. EXID – eating

EXID love food. The girls never miss an opportunity to chow down.

If they’re not visibly eating, they’re either talking about what they want to eat or reminiscing on what they just ate.

And their fans love it. EXID deserve to eat well and they take every opportunity to do so.

2. EXO – pretending to have superpowers

EXO’s superpower concept is something that the group has been embarrassed about forever. You can tell they die inside a little every time it gets brought up.

They do their best to represent their superpowers, like Chen’s tremendous lightning abilities.

Deep down, they probably love goofing around with their “superpowers” and EXO-L’s love it too.

3. NCT – “The Foreign Swaggers”

NCT’s Jaehyun, Mark and Johnny became known as the “foreign swaggers” among fans after an infamous video that was released when they were rookies.

Mark uttered a now infamous line declaring the trio to be the “foreign swaggers” much to the confusion of Johnny. To add in even more meme potential, Jaehyun randomly came out with “I lived in America for four years, that’s why I’m here man”.

The foreign swaggers continue to entertain their fans even after their debut. It all started with that one infamous video.

4. MONSTA X – Wonho and Shownu being topless

Wonho and Shownu love showing off their toned bodies.

They’re almost expected to do so at live performances now. Apparently, the clothes they perform in can get uncomfortable so they just prefer to take them off!

5. GFRIEND – biting each other

For some reason, GFRIEND members really enjoy biting one another.

Yerin is the most notorious for it. Umji has explained that it is how she shows her affection.

Other members like Yuju have also participated though. SinB seems to be the victim often.